aka Jac or Jacana if you want a mouthful

  • I live in In the Lost Cities, in books, in the computer, but mostly in Calgary Alberta
  • I was born on December 9
  • My occupation is Umm, an artist or an author, or maybe a yell-at-your-siblings-er
  • I am I am female, and a very stereotypical one as well, y'know, pink, sparkles kind of gal
Check out my blog for short scenes and stories! Oh, and you'll have to deal with some random debates I like to write, so have fun sifting!

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Keefe Sencen Idolization Wiki

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Keefe Sencen. The one character nobody can ever fully understand, nor can they predict his next move. The Keefe Sencen Idolization Wiki is the hub for all-things-Keefe, and for fans to discuss Keefe-related topics. Accepted contributions include Fanfictions, Art, Role-play, Debate, and Miscellaneous Information, as long as they all have to do with Keefe, the character we all know and love.

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