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Hi! I'm SuldreenSong. I'm absolutley obsessed with Keeper of the Lost Cities, and enjoy coming up with theories, and doing other KOTLC related things. I love reading so much that when I come out of the library I'm usually carrying over nine books. Imagine the overdo fees....*sheepish grin*

A bit about me...

  • I volunteer at a library (144 hrs this year (fall-summer) alone--I feel so proud rn)
  • I'm probably reading right now (or on here :)
  • I love art, music, math, literature, science, history, etc.
  • I'm more likely to observe than comment, as I can be shy sometimes
  • I'm an ambivert leaning slightly towards extrovert (even though I'm oftenly introverted)
  • Used to always get Ravenclaw or Gryffindor on Pottermore quiz then more recently Hufflepuff and on an unofficial quiz Slytherin....I have a lot of Pottermore accounts.
  • If I tell you my wand--well you could figure out a lot about me
  • I can be really vague, and I love using logic to be illogical without anyone realizing
  • I contemplated the universe and the meaning of life (42) in depth for about week long stages before the age of ten. As interesting as it is, I'd recommend living in the present.
  • I enjoy reading book insults, and the worst insult I have ever used is pretty much idiot or other low-offense words along those lines.

Note: I do not write down fandom friends, because you are all so AWESOME!

My Ships

From Back in January: For Sophie I'll always be behind whatever she chooses, though I have to admit I lean towards Sophitz. To be honest the first two times I read the series, I was a hardcore Sophitz shipper, although since then I've come to realize that Sokeefe is great too. Currently though, I am constantly thinking up arguments for both sides and disproving other arguments all at once...

From September 19: Wow. my perspective has changed on that a bit. Now I'd say I picture it like "OH I SHIP IT SO HARD!" about Sokeefe, and then I try to make myself convert to Sokeefe and I'm going "Nope. Sophitz needs to be a thing." You get the point. Each ship is like a restraint to me now, preventing me from going full out on one or the other. Actually it may be the opposite I'M TOO FULL OUT ON BOTH! I DON'T CARE IF IT DOESN"T WORK THAT WAY BUT I SHIP IT ALL AT ONCE.

Winh/Lylie- In my eyes this ship is perfect, as not only they spend a lot of time together and all, but there is almost no contovversy about it.

Tarella-I used ship Bam and I somewhat still do (From Oct. 16: Not anymore), but I guess I noticed Tam and Marella's chemistry when she threatened to burn off Tam's bangs.

Grandor/Sizel- I think Shannon Messenger made Grizel for this purpose.

Diana- I guess I ship this because they both know the feeling of being in a one sided relationship and they both have had to accept that one of their family members were withholding secrets from them. (Even though Alvar is much worse, as Juline actually had a good reason)

Favorite Characters (in order from greatest to least) (THIS IS REALLY OLD AND INACCURATE)

  1. Sophie Foster
  2. Iggy
  3. Silveny
  4. Calla
  5. Verdi
  6. Linh Song
  7. Biana Vacker
  8. Alvar Vacker
  9. Dex Dizznee
  10. Rex, Bex, and Lex Dizznee ("I think the triplets are my new heroes") (YES THEY HAVE THEIR OWN PAGES NOW)
  11. Tam Song
  12. Keefe Sencen
  13. Elwin
  14. Edaline Ruewen
  15. Fitzroy Avery Vacker
  16. Wylie Endal
  17. Marella Redek
  18. Kenric
  19. Brant
  20. HAMSTERZILLA(the verminion)

Some of My Theories/Arguments/Evidence of Randomness

(I previously posted some theories as a fandom user before I got an account)

Alvar Wasn't Ruthless Enough-

Throughout Lodestar there are many moments in which Alvar is described as being "brotherly"(pg 158) to Keefe, once even letting Keefe know how they each don't break(except Brant). While Fintan wipes his memories, Alvar has no need to as he doesn't kill. Although he doesn't kill, he nonetheless does "unimaginably awful things" . Since he only kidnaps (and does other terrible things), I think Vespera thought he wasn't ruthless enough to what is "necessary". I think he was to weak(in Vespera's mind) as not only did he have a soft spot for Biana and Keefe, but he also wouldn't go to the extremes that were needed. Had he been able to, I doubt he would be in his current state. To keep him from talking they didn't just use soporidine, but they had Gethen wipe his memory. The part I'm very unsure about is why this ruthless group of people did not kill him. It could've been for a number of reason which include, a.) They hoped to use ogre enzymes (on him possibly) to track Sophie and her friends to a black swan hideout. b.) They thought he had a chance to be more ruthless in the future. or c.) They weren't ruthless enough.

Prentice Knows-

"There was a fountain in the center of it all, two golden figures standing in a round pool, holding hands as colored streams of water showered them from every direction. A shadow of a girl appeared between them and took off through buildings, shattering everything she touched before she dove into a sea of shards."(240 Hardcover)

That quote says it all.

Lady Galvin-

Is anybody else curious how Lady Galvin is nobility (capes, mentor title and all that) when you know she talentless and Timkin is trying to be the first talentless in nobility?

The Great Gulon Incident???-

So, In book 1, Keefe said,"' You may be the biggest news to hit the acadamy since the Great Gulon Incident three years ago" (page 196). At the time, Keefe was only in his fourth year, so it would make sense that the Great Gulon Incident would be in his first year, but he skipped his first year at Foxfire, meaning that this event was before he attended Foxfire. Although in Lodestar he had maps of Foxfire that said, "place gulon here".

Obsessive Analysis Club Edit

This club is open to anyone whether you're Sophitz or Sokeefe. If you love making arguments and/or overly analyze things, you can join! Contact EthanDaCyrokinetic or myself to join.


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