LoHi I'm Star (or star Friend a bunch of other pet names or mama cat Star nicknames are welcome) 

So I'm working on coming back onto fandom a bit more and hope you all will still accept me here 

I had friend badged but they got deleted sadly

I sadly won't be on as much as I was last year but I will work on being on here more and always if you want to talk to me you can always dm me on discord I'm in the Koltc sever as Star-Chan just please do tell me your form the fandom or just wanted to say nice I I don't get a heartattck or you can find me on wattpad under Stars1_Night pm me or comments on a story or my wall but anyway thanks for your time and I welcome you and hope to hear form you <3 <3

(I will go kick ashes)

If you are reading this you are amazing....

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