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  • I live in the loonaverse
  • My occupation is putting the BI in orBIt
  • I am they/them
  • Bio "The world will give us many reasons to be cold. We have to find the heart not to be." - lost in translation
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<includeonly> keep this secret, keep this safe. message me ort on my message wall if you see this. </includeonly>
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feeling kinda bad, might delete my acc or something. please understand. <3
<font face ="the girl next door"> happy new year, y'all. still keeping this gif til i make a new one xd</font>
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The Carol - LOOΠΔ
[[File:MV 이달의 소녀 희진, 현진, 하슬 (LOONA HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul) "The Carol"|thumb|center|400 px]]</font></center>
nickname: heck
pronouns: they/them
mbti: infp-t
enneagram: 4 with a 5 wing
Hogwarts house: Gryffindor; could also be Ravenclaw
Ilvelmorny House: Horned Serpent.
my wand is Ash Wood with a dragon heartstring core.
my Patronus is a Mongrel Dog.
I speak in meme, PewDiePie/Dunkey references, keyboard slams, "ree", "uwu", and "xd".
I love to talk about things I like and complain about things I don't. I try to be as sincere and expressive as possible with my messages and can get very passionate about stuff. I'm not super active on pages (sorry), but, yeah, mainly here for friends and just chatting uwu
likes and dislikes.=
*kpop<br /><gallery type="slideshow" position="center" navigation="true" widths="350">
BTS185.jpg|BTS: ult. My bias is 2seok, and my wreckers are OT7. Song rec: Epiphany|link=
D VXE4xUIAAmNc .jpg|Stray Kids: ult. My bias is Woojin, and my wrecker is Seungmin. Song rec: Hellevator|link=
TWICE7.jpg|TWICE: ult. My bias is Jihyo, and my biaswrecker is Sana. Song rec: Girls Like Us|link=
D v yPHUcAA2Pf1.jpg|LOOΠΔ: ult. My bias is Kim Lip, and my wrecker is Heejin. Song rec: Butterfly|link=
(G)I-DLE1.jpg|(G)I-DLE: fan of. My bias is Minnie, and my biaswrecker is Yuqi. Song rec: LATATA|link=
NCT1271.jpg|NCT 127 (subunit of NCT): getting into. My bias is Mark, and my biaswreckers is Haechan. Song rec: Superhuman|link=
Dreamcatcher1.jpg|Dreamcatcher: getting into. Biases undecided. Song rec: Deja Vu|link=
Day62.jpg|DAY6: getting into. My bias is Jae, and my wrecker is Sungjin. Song rec: Time of Our Life|link=
TXT2.jpg|TOMORROW X TOGETHER: fan of. My bias is OT5, and my wreckers are Beomgyu and Taehyun. Song rec: Crown|link=
MonstaX7.jpg|Monsta X: getting into. My bias is Minhyuk, and my wrecker is Hyungwon. Song rec: Someone's Someone|link=
EC47MLeUYAAs8oC.jpg|AB6IX: getting into. My bias is Daehwi, and my wrecker is Woojin. Song rec: Breathe|link=
ECopu21U0AIBrt3.jpg|CLC: getting into. My bias is Elkie, and my wrecker is Sorn. Song rec: ME|link=
RedVelvet2.jpg|Red Velvet: getting into. My bias is Wendy, and my wrecker is Seulgi. Song rec: Butterflies|link=
SVT8.jpg|SEVENTEEN: getting into. My bias is DK or Seungkwan, while my biaswrecker is Jeonghan. Song rec: Good To Me|link=
GWSN1.jpg|GWSN: fan of. My bias is Seoryoung, and my biaswrecker is Miya. Song rec: Melting Point|link=
ITZY1.jpg|ITZY: getting into. Biases undecided. Song rec: Cherry|link=
MAMAMOO1.jpg|MAMAMOO: getting into. My bias is Solar, and my biaswrecker is Hwasa. Song rec: Décalcomanie|link=
Ailee8.jpg|Ailee: getting into. Song rec: Room Shaker|link=
*webtoons<br /><gallery type="slideshow" widths="350" position="center">
ABudgie'sLife.png|A Budgie's Life (still reading)
AGoodDayToBeADog.png|A Good Day To Be A Dog
Daniel,Andrew,Rose,Dylan,Pom.png|Age Matters
Sunati&amp;Austen2.png|Always Human (ended)
Camilla&amp;Victor.png|Brass & Sass
Siren&amp;Kappa3.png|Castle Swimmer
Catloaf family.png|Cat Loaf Adventures
Lilly1.png|Choco Latte
CursedPrincessClub.png|Cursed Princess Club (Jamie is pretty)
HannaYoon.png|Devil Number 4
Dr.Frost3.png|Dr. Frost (ended)
Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 10.24.24 PM.png|Edith
Anne&amp;William1.png|Everywhere & Nowhere
FluffyBoyfriend.png|Fluffy Boyfriend
Zelan&amp;Zylith4.png|Freaking Romance
Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 9.49.03 PM.png|Gourmet Hound
HoneyLemon2.png|Honey Lemon
Hybrid Thesis.png|Hybrid Thesis
Nol,Shinae,Kousuke2.png|I Love Yoo
Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 11.31.31 AM.png|Just a little bit chubby (Tonton friends)
Let'sPlay.png|Let's Play (i love their friendship okay now back to the list)
LoreOlympus.png|Lore Olympus
Mayhem1.jpg|Lost in Translation
LoveAdvicefromtheGreatDukeOfHell.png|Love Advice from the Great Duke of Hell (still reading)
Malori&amp;Vel1.png|Mage & Demon Queen
Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 5.08.08 PM.png|Meow Man
Emma2.png|My Deepest Secret
nightmarefactory.png|Nightmare Factory
Mari&amp;Jaemin1.png|ORANGE MARMALADE (ended)
Lauren&amp;Kieran1.png|Purple Hyacinth
PursuingRejection.png|Pursuing Rejection
RandomChat.png|Random Chat
RefundHighSchool.png|Refund High School (still reading)
Save me.png|SAVE ME (ended)
ScorchingRomance.png|Scorching Romance
SecondLeadSyndrome.png|Second Lead Syndrome
Lyra,Shon,Ian.png|Siren's Lament
Tony.png|Soara Academy
soulonhold.png|Soul On Hold
spookman.png|Spookman (this one isn't serious and i love it)
Yukio&amp;Junko2.png|Stalker x Stalker
TheKissBet.png|The Kiss Bet
Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 10.10.41 PM.png|The Red King
TheSteamDragonExpress.png|The Steam Dragon Express
Jugyeong,Seojun&amp;Suho1.png|True Beauty
Landon&amp;Rachelle1.png|Where Tangents Meet
WinterMoon.jpg|Winter Moon
*People who try to invalidate what I feel I am
*Waking up or going to sleep
*Being forced away from anything I like
*Physical Education
{{LGBTQ+ Supporter}}
friends. =
(in no particular order; i love y'all💕)
{{Chewbacca's Friend}}
my friend badge:
==WEBTOON quotes==
* "Crying doesn't necessarily mean you're weak. It means you've been strong for to long." - Elios (My Deepest Secret)
* "The world will give us many reasons to be cold. We have to find the heart not to be." - Lost In Translation
<nowiki>*obvious wip lol*</nowiki>
<center>if you need it, friend.
okay um=
stan loona.
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