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A Little Bit About ME! Edit

So... Hi! I'm Shamrock!  I'm 13... for now. My birthday is on August 8th! I'm not as experienced as other people here, you can tell by how empty my profile is... But feel free to ask any questions! Also, if you ever need to talk to me privately, leave me a message on my message wall, and we can set up a time on the Live Chat! You can ask questions, talk, spark conversation, or just rant on my message wall! I'm open to all friends!

I am still learning to code, but if you want to learn, ask a mentor, or use this link!!

My favorite pagesEdit

My Favorite KOTLC characters in orderEdit

  • Ro (Romhilda)
  • Sophie Foster
  • Biana Vacker 
  • Dex Dizznee
  • Linh Song
  • Keefe Sencen
  • Tam Song
  • Fitz Vacker 
  • Wylie Endal 
  • Calla
  • Flori 
  • Bo/Sandor  (I can't choose!)
  • Edaline 
  • Grady 
  • Marella Redek
  • Should I put more??? 

My Favorite booksEdit

  • Every Keeper Of The Lost Cities Book EVER!
  • Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Trials of Apollo, Magnus Chase, and The Kane Chronicles: ALL BOOKS
  • Renegades: All three books! 
  • Harry Potter: I LOVED THEM ALL! If you haven't read this entire series yet, I am disappointed!
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