Sadie Flynn

aka Sades

  • I live in The far and desolate lands of Gallitan
  • I was born on December 12
  • My occupation is Scholar in the prestigious Foxfire Academy
  • I am A proud Slytherin
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"Never forget you are the empress or emperor of the world. A mage of life and death. The hero or heroine of everything in between. Whoever you are- you are it. The one. The everything." -Sadie Flynn


Look at my two little precious children. Awwwwwwwwwwww

Hello world. 

I am Sadie Flynn as you can probably see. Sooooo apparently this is the place where I talk abut me and my stuff and all that. Let's start with personality. I am usually a pretty rational person and I am a bookworm which in this community is probably not too surprising. I like using bold words because I like the way they stand out. Ummmmmm I also have somewhat of a weird confidence in myself apparently because I'm the kind of person who randomly walks up to someone and tells them I like their hat. I think I creep people out with my forwardness though honestly. 

Uhhhhhhh I have two brothers. One is older than me and is way too incredibly ALWAYS in my business. My younger and is way too smart and likes to one up me on smartness levels too much. I have two best friends who are amazing because even though they don't read KOTLC they were just as shocked and heartbroken as me when Kenric died. *sniffs* I'll never forget you Kenric. I also ship Sokeefe but am fond of Fitz as well. Andddddd I think that's about it. Ohhhhh wait one more thing. I know karate. That's about the one good thing my older brother has given to me. Anyway if you ever want to talk then just stick a message on my message board. Cuz dang that thing is easy to use and fun to play with. 

Strange Ducks

I'm a member of Strange Ducks, a group where you can show off your weirdness (inner or outer) and just plain be weird. If you want to join just click on the link (I promise I'm not trying to put a virus in your computer) or if you don't want to click the link just search it up on the web.

Strange Ducks

My favorite pagesEdit

  • Keefe and Sophie
  • Tam Song
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