Russian Kakapo

aka Kakapo or Sokee or SoKeefeForLifeFangirl

  • I live in I'm a Michiganster living in the lost cities
  • I was born on July 17
  • My occupation is I'm alive!!!! A bird lover, Sokeefer, gamer, daughter of Athena, Luna Lovegood, and so on. I like to do a lot of crazy things. Oh yeah, and I'm aMaZiNg!!
  • I am Burrito!!! Jk, I'm female.
Water ripples

My favorite pages

  • Ok, so I love roleplaying, here is my first roleplay I ever joined, which happens to be active and my favorite: Raised In Captivity.
  • Mermayde tales: RP
  • Elfs + Witches/Wizards + Demigods= Magic RP (I created it and so far there are 5! Me so proud of myself!)
  • Any book 8.5/9 fanfics. UPDATE: Currently my favorite is: This is "How I imagine book 9 will happen" continued by SwearingParrot.

My favorite characters

  • Keefe and Ro from KOTLC
  • Noor from Miss. Peregrines Peculiar Children
  • Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter
  • Leo from the Olympus books

My favorite books

  • Harry Potter
  • Keeper Of the Lost Cities
  • Miss. Peregrines Peculiar Children
  • Basically any Rick Riordan books
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