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  • My occupation is Obsessed insane fangirl.
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Hey there! 'Sup? Edit

So it goes to say that I am also Queen of...memes, darkness, dorkiness, crazy theories, puppies, um, maybe Vane Weston who is my snarky hero (I mean, besides Keefe, obvs) crows (especially albino ones) and a whole lot of other stuff...

I'm also part of KaleTheEmpath's homeschooling KOTLC club! If you want to join, just ask on her message board! I'm also part of the Strange Ducks club, because I am very, very weird. As you may see below. And I'm Sam's friend! Yay! She's an amazing person. ^-^

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You're only allowed to add this to your profile with permission from Sam, but to do it, type {{Sam'sFriend|nickname=*insert your nickname for me here*}} if you have a nickname for her, or {{Sam'sFriend}} if you do not, into the source code! Ask her for more details, if you need.


Ahsoka's Friend!
Yay! If you have been given this badge, you have earned Ahsoka's eternal friendship. You probably haven't known her for long, but you became friends quickly. You, no doubt, know that she is ridiculously obsessed with Star Wars, Keefe, and his(Keefe's)/her own hair (the last one isn't as obvious, but...:)) You are funny, kind, and everything else she would want in a friend. She's glad to have you, even if you ship Sophitz, because your ships don't define you, you define your ships (or do you? She doesn't really know...) She's just glad to have you. And even though her name is Ahsoka, you call her Donut twin! She's glad to have you as a friend.
Do not use this badge without permission from Ahsoka. To use add {{Ahsoka's Friend|nickname=your nickname for Ahsoka}}

Coding Credits

I am also...(brace yourself)

A Time Lady, Introvert, INFJ, Phoenix Rider, crazy, ShadowClan, SeaWing, Technopath or Hydrokinetic, crazy, a lot of other stuff I should write (believe me, I have PAGES) and will write later...

Fun facts (this may get a little weird) Edit

By far this is like my favorite part! It's long, maybe crazy, but whatever.

I have anxiety (full-blown panic attacks, obsessive counting...etc) and insomnia

In seperate dares, I have drunk cups of mayonaise, caviar, a ketchup-chocolate syrup-orange juice combo, carrot juice (okay but still) and cinnamon butter. The payback was legendary, too.

I am ambidetxtrous (comes in handy I can tell you.) (sorry) I'm dominantly left-handed, but it was so bad for drawing that I learned how to do stuff with my right hand too. I also have double-jointed fingers, four of which I broke last year. (I hate sliding doors)

I play violin, ukelele, guitar (when my fingers can stand it) a bit of keyboard piano.

I have five pets. I kid you not. (Edit: Just got another kitten! We are definitely insane lol)

I am addicted to: Doctor Who, memes, donuts, ramen, certain boys (lol), books, writing, drawing, binge-watching Miraculous Ladybug on loops...

My favorite movies are HTTYD (forever!) and Big Hero Six.

I used to live in New Hampshire, and now I live in Maine, the land of no author visits EVAH

I am addicted to donuts, did I mention that? Whenever someone says "refreshment" this voice in my head comes out, like "DONUT?" like Cookie Monster? anyone remember that?

I have synesthesia and it's about the coolest thing ever, especially since I realized that *not* everyone was.

I'm Christian. And not afraid to admit it. (Actually, I only posted this after I saw it on a lot of people's profiles)

I LOVVVVVVVE TO DRAW FAVE THING EVAH (reading is a close second) but I've been perfecting how to draw since I was like nine and they're STILL not perfect lol I'm a lot of perfectionist. Fanart, dragons, humans, puppies...yeah.

to be continued...

some of my art? coming soooooon Edit

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