• I live in In a library brimming with books.
  • My occupation is Writing books, stories, fanfics; Acting on the stage; Graphic designing
  • I am A Super Sokeefe Shipper! (Try saying that 10 times fast)
  • Bio Obsessive book reader of KOTLC, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and everything in between; Writer; Violinist; Artist; and just one happy person :D
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The Promise Against the Fire

Hey I'm RoKnows, welcome to my profile.

18:42, December 3, 2019 (UTC)RoKnows the Breathtaking (talk)

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Fan Fictions! Edit

The Stars Are My Home

The Stars Are My Home


It's about one of the most mysterious Neverseen members' backstory… and love story.

Check out what people are saying about it:

"I am absolutely in love! This is so good, and I am so excited to read another amazing [fan] fic by [RoKnows]!" - Mallowmelt

"Breathtaking by nature… this thrilling history of a misunderstood character touches the hearts of all who read it." - Light and Bright


The Promise Against the Fire

What if Kenric survived? What if he didn't die in the Everblaze? Would Kenric and Oralie ever admit their love for each other?

Check out what people are saying about it:

"…In all honesty, this fanfic is written beautifully. I can feel the characters' emotions coming off the screen and the detail is amazing. simply great, I tell you." - Rizi213

"WOAH, that was amazing. I don't read too many fanfictions anymore, but this one definitely caught my eye. And once I started reading really blew me away. Wonderful job!" - HadesAlpha1629

"I love the way you wrote this, and the fact that maybe, just maybe, Kenric survived in in the real book. It gives me hope. Thank you so much for writing this. I truly love it to the stars and beyond!" - BookBeliefs

and much more!


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About Me on Keeper of the Lost Cities Edit

  • I ship Keefoster HARD.
  • I've read the whole series twice, but only Flashback once (so far)
  • My favorites, in order:
    1. Legacy (8)
    2. Nightfall (6)
    3. Neverseen (4)
    4. Everblaze (3)
    5. Lodestar (5)
    6. Keeper of the Lost Cities (1)
    7. Exile (2)
    8. Flashback (7)

Random Facts (About Me) Edit

  • I'm working on writing a novel right now and publishing it for you guys to see!! I've been working on it for over 3 years.
  • I'm homeschooled.
  • I have 1 dog, and I used to have 2 parakeets, but…
  • I'm a Huffleclaw
  • I LOOOVE Hot sauce, and I seriously can't have eggs without a giant dumping of it. My favorite brand is RedHot.
  • I am right-handed… which is normal…
  • Favorite Exclamations: "Shoot muffins!"… and there's more but I can't think of them XD

My Favorites Edit

  • Favorite Color: Purple/Violet (has always been and always will be)
  • Favorite Activity: WRITING, Reading, Graphic Designing, Talking
  • Favorite Animals: PANDAS!!
  • Favorite Sports: Baseball (or Softball), GaGa Ball

My Ships Edit

  1. KEEFOSTER!!! Woot!
  2. Sizel (Grizel + Sandor)
  3. Oralic (Oralie + Kenric)
  4. Percabeth (Duh!)
  5. Adrianette
  6. Harry + Ginny (Ship name??)
  7. Mahfina (Serafina + Mahdi, WaterFire Saga)

Fav Books & Fandoms Edit

Keeper of the Lost Cities (By Shannon Messenger)

Harry Potter (You know who's this is by: J.K Rowling)

Percy Jackson (By Rick Riordan)

WaterFire Saga (By Jennifer Donnelly)

Wingfeather Saga (By Andrew Peterson)

The Selection (By Kiera Cass)


Miraculous Ladybug

Star Wars

Ravenspire Novels (by C.J Redwine)

Warrior Cats (By Erin Hunter [who is like, seven people by the way.]). I've read this series twice, and since there's like, fifty books in the series, that's saying A LOT. (But my sister has actually read it four times…so…)

The Pages I've Made On KOTLC Wiki (So Far) Edit

My Favorite Characters in KOTLC Edit

(In order)

  1. Keefe
  2. Ro
  3. Grizel
  4. Sophie

My Favorite Pages on the KOTLC Wiki & KOTLC fun wiki Edit

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