aka Rain

  • I live in my house (no one can touch me now HAHA)
  • I was born on March 9
  • My occupation is I am the rando fan that is forever alone
  • I am Female

About Me: Edit

Congratulations! You have stumbled into the unknown world also known as my profile! Anyways, if you could not tell from my username, my name is RainBlossom168. But you can call me Rain, because no one wants to type out "RainBlossom168" whenever they are talking to me. Or you can call me by what I go by in real life: Sophie! I LOVE CATS. I actually have one of my own, called Sesame. He is a very fluffy boi. I would NOT like to put my age or grade on this profile, for privacy reasons of course. I am female, if you could not tell by my name, Sophie. I was born on March 9, and I love playing video games with my sister, SilentSongbird168. But she never goes on the wiki anymore. I ship Sokeefe (Sophie and Keefe), Tiana (Tam and Biana), Lylie (Linh and Wylie), and lastly, Dexella (Dex and Marella).

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P.S - I'm very strange

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