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My personal ratings on KOTLC ships:

Keefe/Sophie: I mean, I'll survive- but it's alright.

Fitz/Sophie: Yep, yep! Love this.

Tam/Sophie: Sure!

Dex/Sophie: Uhh, nah..

Fitz/Linh: I will lock myself in my room for a few years. NO.

Fitz/Keefe: They're like brothers so.. uh.

Keefe/Linh: I suppose, but my gut says no.

Keefe/Biana: Yeahhh nope. He thinks of her as a sis.

Keefe/Tam: YES. YES. My favorite!

Tam/Marella: Ehh, that was kinda a one-time thing, ya know?

Marella/Fitz: N o p e.

Marella/Dex: I mean, I guess?

Dex/Biana: Sure?

Biana/Tam: Second fav w/tam.

Biana/Linh: I've never seen any chemistry between them, so Idk.

Linh/Wylie: Cute <3

Linh/Dex: Also cute. <333

Jolie/Brant: I like it. ;)

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