• I live in a graveyard
  • My occupation is an artist!!
  • I am female :]

hello!!! Edit

i'm a 14 year old femme who loves colors and cute girls :D

i like drawing, reading, playing video games!

i own 2 cats and a goldfish.

my irl friend (sokeefe-kat) showed me kotlc in november 2018 !!! :]


some favorites! Edit

  • color: yellow
  • singer: hozier!
  • kotlc book: nightfall
  • kotlc character: biana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333
  • games: animal crossing (nl/cf/pc/hhd), celeste, stardew valley
  • movies: spvtw, any marvel (ragnarok/sm:ffh/sm:hc/sm:its are some favs), any ghibli
  • tv shows: stranger things, good omens, asoue, otgw, tua, b99


links Edit

deviantart . instagram . twitter

(。'v'。) ♡ (▰˘◡˘▰) ♡ (。'o'。)

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