aka miuz/mei :)!!

  • I live in alluveterre. definitely.
  • I was born on April 7
  • My occupation is an artist!!
  • I am female :]
  • Bio hey! i'm miuz. or mei. whichever one you want to call me, lol. i'm a 14 y/o girl who likes to draw and read and listen to music!
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hello!!! Edit

i'm a 14 year old femme who loves drawing, reading, playing video games! :D my only personality trait is that i'm emo


kotlc opinions and stuff! Edit

  • i started kotlc in 2018! :]
  • ships: sokeefe, kam (but platonically. shannon let them bond please), marellinh, dexiana (?? idk what they're called, lol. bianex?)
  • i think shannon doesn't focus on platonic relationships enough.
  • dex, biana, marella, maruca, linh, and wylie need character development! and sophie needs to pay attention to them and develop their friendships!
  • fitz...doesn't really have a personality? all he knows is mcdonald's , charge he phone, twerk, be bisexual , eat hot chip, and lie be mean to sophie for being friends with keefe!
  • marella said linh doesn't like keefe but Not For The Reason Sophie's Thinking. i'm entirely convinced they're dating. please. shannon please i'm begging you. put some lgbtq rep in your books. please.
  • lgbtq headcanons for characters: lesbian linh, pan/bi keefe, & chaotic bi marella!


some favorites! Edit

  • kotlc book: nightfall!
  • kotlc character: biana!!!!!! <33
  • color: yellow
  • musicians: mcr, gerard way, frnkiero & the cellabration, green day, panic! at the disco, destroy boys
  • tv shows: BROOKLYN 99!! stranger things, good omens, asoue, otgw, tua


links Edit

deviantart . instagram . twitter

.。❀ ' ◟(•ˇ‿ˇ•)◞ ' ❀。.

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