aka thelokinerdichemistrycat

  • I live in Havenfield or in my cave of books on my desk
  • My occupation is Student, and nerd of course
  • I am Female

Hey! Welcome to my profile! Edit

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About me Edit

I am a geology nerd ( basically a MEGA nerd)

My favorite subjects are math, science, geograph, geology, chemistry, writing, history, astrology, and reading

I love cats (but my mom would never let me have one)

My occupation is a nerd, a student, a bookworm, a cat lover, a furious Piano Tiles 2 player, a fanfic writer, a musescore user, etc.

I love to read, and I read Hunger Games, KOTLC, Warriors cats, The Land of Stories, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, etc.

I am about to be a Cute Cats Club (CCC) member, and if you want to join, ask TeamKitten:

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