Luna di Angelo

aka Luna/Pancake🥞

  • I live in Camp Jupiter
  • I was born on April 17
  • My occupation is Supreme Ruler of the Universe
  • I am Female

"the sheer amount of bread i have eaten in the past four days is somewhat copious and at the very least councerning but i haven't the mental energy to care"


howdy gang. it's me. luna. most of you probably don't know me, but below is a little fragment of me from circa 2018. enjoy my little time capsule and still feel free to talk to me :)

Hi, I'm Luna! <3 (Or Blueberry Pancake to some people—don’t ask)

I am a member of The Sophitz Armada! I'm pretty neutral on Sophitz and Sokeefe (I see merit in both). Ultimately it's up to Sophie, but I do see just a tiny bit more possibility and relationship with Keefe, but I'm willing to be proven wrong.

I used to spend a lot of time on the wiki but had to take a break because of school; I try to be as active as possible, though!!

Hit me up if you have book recommendations or just wanna be friends !! (also feel free to contact me through discord)

Lovely People <3Edit

  • Bananazilla the Telepath (SOPHTON FOR LIFE) A cool dude who plans funerals in a corner whilst dealing with all of our crazy. Also, please stop tripping on chairs, it hurts their feelings.
  • Biana&Tam (#HAM4LYFE) My wonderful Korean twin, you are incredible and totally deserve Tam if Biana doesn't get him first. we are the Amazing, Incredible, Fabulous Twins!
  • Book Beliefs (BREA Forever!) Bea, a great author and debating with you is fun! I JSUT want to say that you're fabulous! #BEACAN'TSPELLJSUTSHEMEANSJUST! #AvengeBethany
  • CCow the Hydrokinetic Chloe, you're also really kind and a great friend. You are reasonable and logical within our insanity, and make sure we don't do anything too stupid. I'll miss you!
  • You're an incredible bean who is so good at art, like hOw? Great Fitzphie friend.
  • CustardBursts (CONNEVA FOREVER) A slightly crazy girl who is far too interested in my love life for her own good. Keep being awesome at hockey and slaying the universe. THE BOOK PEOPLE AWAIT YOUR ARRIVAL
  • Ella the Elephant (Elcholas!) Ella, you always have kind things to say and are a generally cool person to be around!
  • Hihihi nia! You always leave such kind comments and are a really cool person to talk to. Proud Fitzphie shipper! Your writing is marvellous! Keep your head up and don't let others' words get you down. You are worth it.
  • Izilia the Pyrokinetic You're super cool and sing Hamilton with me, so, YAY!
  • Julie(t) the Froster My wonderfully kind, fellow Californian!
  • LuckySwan Lucky, you're always really sweet and kind, and your art is INCREDIBLE. You provide good insight into situations.
  • ReadItAll I'll miss you! You were such a nice person. See you next year!
  • And Others! If I forgot to add you, I probably just forgot and will do it ASAP

Reminder: I consider all of you who read this is my friend. However, this was a special appreciation to people I especially admire. In o way was this meant to exclude anyone, I just wanted to share reasons I think these people are amazing. <3

Books (and My Ships) Edit

  • Harry Potter! I read these in first grade for the first time and love them to this day. The first time I took the Sorting quiz, I got Ravenclaw, but I got Slytherin the second time. My wand is Blackthorn wood with a Dragon heartstring core 12 ½" and Hard flexibility on my Ravenclaw/official account and my Patronus is a Mastiff.
  • PJO/HoO! I'm a daughter of Pluto/Hades. PERCABETH FOR LIFE!
  • KotLC! I've loved these books since the first one came out. I've had to wait for EVERY book and it's been gruelling.
  • Legend! I loved these books but liked Day more than June. That ending made me SOB!

Miscellaneous Fun Facts Because Why Not? Edit

  • I've taught myself to play the piano
  • I play the violin
  • Spanish is actually my first language, but I've grown up speaking English as well
  • I teach myself languages when I'm bored (I am fluent in: English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Italian; I am still learning: French, Japanese, German, Latin, Greek, Esperanto, and Tagalog)
  • I LOVE DISNEY! Coco is probably one of my favourite Pixar films at the moment. When I was little, I loved Lilo & Stitch, The Aristocats, and The Little Mermaid
  • I speak in a soft, London-y accent and write the British way, probably from watching too many British cartoons as a kid
  • My voice is said to be soothing and reminiscent of a Disney princess; my vocal range is also right where most Disney voices are
  • My favourite colours are teal, silver, gold, Dodie yellow, and mint blue/green
  • I've mostly taught myself to draw; I took classes for photorealism and general art knowledge, but the cartoon stuff is all me
  • I can guess the plot of books by hearing brief summaries and/or reading the first few chapters
  • I have met SW Messenger twice, one of them being at my school and the other at the Nightfall launch
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