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Hewo there! I'm Leah one of this wiki's crazy people. I love kpop, reading, drawing, and those little squishy ball thingies. My favorite characters in KotLC are Keefe, Linh, Tam, Elwin, and Biana! My favorite food is mac & cheese XD and if you didn't know already, I am the one and only chicken nuggie queen! My cognate is IceBlueIggy007 and she is yet another crazy person. If you are here then you are automatically my friend because only a friend would take the time to read this. :)


1. My favorite series is KotLC

2. I love Blackpink

3. I ship Sokeefe, Kam, Marellinh, and Chandelitz

4. My favorite songs are every song by Blackpink, Dynamite by BTS, Deja Vu by Olivia Rodrigo, and lots more XD

5. My favorite color is orange but I also really like pink!

6. My godly parent is Poseidon

7. My BTS bias is V and my Blackpink bias is Jisoo

8. My Hogwarts house is Hufflepuff :)


@BTSfan4ever on Quotev (Inactive) (Semi-Inactive)

@spookyxfoxgirl on Twitter (Active-ish)

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