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Sokeefe for the Winh!

Sup y'all! My username is LoveSokeefeForever , but you can call me Isabella if you want.

Here's some stuff about me if you really want to know:

Random Stuff About Me

  • I live in New England (that's ALL I'll tell you about where I live).
  • I've sadly never had a pet (though I do want a cat!).
  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reading!
  • I am a REALLY fast reader.
  • I collect business cards.
  • I also collect pizza tables.
  • I plan on reading the entire dictionary one day.
  • I really love space.
  • I am a middle schooler.
  • I like photography, and I have a camera I like to use for it.
  • I've been to London on vacation for a week (my cousins live there).
  • I do gymnastics.
  • I LOVE KPop.
  • My favorite KPop groups are BTS, BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, TWICE, TXT, and Stray Kids.

Keeper of the Lost Cities is my favorite book series! These are some things you should know about me relating to it:

Keeper of the Lost Cities Stuff

  • I ship Sokeefe (if you hadn’t noticed from my username yet!).
  • I started reading in October 2019 when it was recommended to me by my friends.
  • I used to ship Sofitz until Legacy.
  • My favorite characters are Keefe, Sophie, Tam and Ro.
  • My favorite books are Exile and Neverseen.
  • I also ship Dexiana, Tamiana, Dexella, Tamella, Lylie, Flinh (kind of) and Dinh (kind of).