Hello there!

By the time you see this, I’ve probably signed out.

You probably know what I’m about to say.

I’m going on hiatus/leaving for good.

I know I’m probably making your day/night much worse by putting this here, but it must be done and there is no way around it. I’m very sorry.

Yes, I did just come back from almost a two-week-long break, but I’ve realized that I enjoyed it. Don’t get me wrong- I love coming here and talking with you guys, but I feel like it’s become an addiction. I don’t want or need that, obviously. And if I’m being honest...sometimes I feel pressured to come on so you guys don’t worry about me. And I’m at risk of being caught by my parents. It’s better to leave before I’m caught on here than to leave after.

Will I be back? Probably not. I might come on a few times, but for the most part, I’ll be inactive. And when school starts this September, I’ll definitely be gone.

Thank you to Eva, Cath, Mintie, Cherry, Emily, Maura, Tiana, Star, Alli, Jules, Nam, Alex, Sassyfur, Kakapo, Dotty, Ellie, Gloria, Malia, Rae, Sophie, Book Sophie, Biana, Lili, Ashley, Charm, Char, Livvy, Amber, my wiki family, and anyone else who my tired brain forgot. You guys are amazing.

Some purple hearts for youuuuu!


I purple you~

Remember to Love Yourself and Stay Gold~

Bye for the last time,

Isabella <3

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