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Lili, we all just want you to know there's one day where you'll wake up and be able to fight back. This mess WILL be over.

“And here’s another thing you can count on. You’ll never lose me. No matter how any of this stuff goes down.” ~Keefe Sencen, Nighfall

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♥️Love, us:♥️[edit source]

You're different, but unique. Weird, but special. Normal, but better. And you are going to show the world they're wrong about you, Lili. ~Dexiana

You're amazing. You're smart. You're clever. Funny. And an amazing friend. We love you Lili <3~Belle

You are one of the most AMAZING people I know, so just try to be strong because I know you're worth it <3 ~Anne

Lili... I don't even know where to start. You're kind and clever and funny and fun and helpful and every day I'm so grateful that you're in my life. You are a light in the world's darkness, and I hope you never stop shining. Stay strong, keep going? We're all in your corner. Love you more than words could express. *hugs* -Hermione <3

We see you. You are not invisible, and you never will be. You are a star in the night sky, piercing through the darkness even when it seems overwhelming. I love you. You are so strong. <3 ~Summer <3

Hi lili! I wanna tell you... that you're the perfect girl in my mirror that I want to be. You didn't give up, and you haven't. And don't. Because somewhere out there, someone'll be there with thread and needles to sew your heart up again. Let them tear it apart for all you care, it hurts. And it won't stop hurting. Until you reach that person who has that needle and thread, perfect for you and you only. You're worth much more than waht you think you are, and strive for that day, when you can finally say "I was broken and torn, but I survived it." *hugz* *cookiez* ~Cuddo :B

You were one of my first friends here, and you're so amazing. Even if you don't see it in yourself, there are so many others who do. I'm so grateful I met you on this wiki. Purple ya 💜

A stwanje ducc , Vika

What can I add? Everyone knows you are amazing. Hope you'll feel better soon! -Nam

You’re one of the best friends anyone could ask for. You’re just so cool, and funny, and I’ve had some of the best times online ever with you. People care about you, so don’t ever think nobody cares. Love you 💛

Lili, I haven’t talked to you very much, probably only a couple times, but I’ve seen the impact you’ve had on this wiki and how you’ve made it such a great place. It just wouldn’t be the same with out you.

Lili you are fitzing amazing and ilysm and <3 I can never find the right words but you are amzing. ~Moony <3


Lili, we are all here for you, I know times are rough but we can lean on each other and get through it together. You are such an amazing person, and I absolutely LOVE talking to you about the most random things! Newt is here for you too! ;) Ilysm and I’m ALWAYS here for you!!! 💛💛💛

~Your friend, Blueberry~

I seriously have no idea what to add. I'm pretty late to this, but you're amazing, and you can clearly see how many people you've touched. You are loved and cared for and just...you. And I have no doubt that you can keep on doing that. -Hermabeth Foster

Lili, pls don't leave us, ilysm and everyone else does too! Even though we barely know each other, you probably know me as the "one who pops on and off randomly" -Jewel Vacker

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