Books You NEED to read!!!!

+ The Scorpio Races

+ The Ash Princess

+ Phasma

+ Goose Girl

+ Book Scavenger

+ Story Thieves

+ The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

+ Replica 'The Other Amys'

+ Frogkisser

+ School for Good and Evil

+ Number the Stars

+ Star Wars: A New Hope The Princess, The Scoundrel and the Farm Boy

+ Mr. Lemoncello's Library

+ Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus

+ The Two Princesses of Bamarre

+ The Mad Wolfs Daughter

+ Black Panther The Young Prince

+ Aroura Rising

+ Reflection

+ The Castle in the Mist

+ Children of Blood and Bone

+ Geekerella

+ Louisiana's Way Home

+ Mortal Engines

+ Percy Jackson and the Olympians

+ The Heroes of Olympus

My favorite characters

+ (The Scorpio Races) Puck/ Kate Connolly and Sean Kendrick

+ (The Ash Princess) (a little mature) Theo/Thora/Theodosia Iren Hoozarah (not sure if that's right...)

+ (Phasma) Phasma and Siv

+ (Goose Girl) Ani/ Isi (Plus another few)

+ (Book Scavenger) STEVE!!!!!!!!!!!

+ (Story Thieves) Bethany Sanderson and Owen Conners and Kiel Gnomenfoot

+ (The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe) Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy

+ (Replica 'The Other Amys') Amy

+ (Frogkisser) Any

+ (School for Good and Evil) Agatha

+ (Number the Stars) Annemarie

+ (Star Wars: A New Hope The Princess, The scoundrel and the Farmboy

+ (Mr. Lemoncello's Library) Kyle

  • (Insignificant Events in a Life of a Cactus) Aven
  • (The Two Princesses of Bamarre) Addie or Adalina
  • (The Mad Wolfs daughter) Drest
  • (Black panther the Young Price) T'Challa

+ (Aroura Rising) Kat, Scarlett and Ari

+ (Reflection) Mulan

+ (The Castle in the Mist) Tess and William

+ (Children of Blood and Bone) Z`elie

+ (Geekerella) Elle

+ (Louisiana's Way Home) Louisiana

+ (Mortal Engines) Hester, Anna Feng and Kathrine

+ (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) Annabeth

+ (The Heroes of Olympus) Nico and Piper

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Anna’s Friend Badge!
If you have been given this badge then you have earned The Odd Axolotl’s friendship! You probably share a few inside jokes and even though her name is Anna you have deemed her your nickname for Oddy.Your conversations with her probably contain spamming of exclamation points or of her ranting about how onions are the bestest vegetable. You’ve also probably stuck by her no matter how many times she said something weird or insane. She thinks you are an amazing person!
Please do not use this without permission from Anna. To use this badge use this code: {{TheOddAxolotlFriend|nickname=your nickname for Anna}}

♡ Sophia's Friend Badge! ♡

If you earned this award,you are a trustworthy,and supportive friend to Sophia from the very beginning.You are amazing and Sophia can always rely on you,no matter what the situation.You're an outstanding pal and deserve this badge of our friendship!

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Omi's Friend Badge!

Hi! If you’ve received this badge, you have been deemed a really awesome person by Omi! She probably has given you a nickname, and you have deemed her *Luna*. You are probably on the lc a lot, and maybe (probably) insane. She thinks you’re kind, funny, supportive, and probably ship one of her favorite ships. She thanks you for putting up with her and is glad you haven’t run away screaming yet. She hopes you think she’s a friend too, and can’t wait to talk to you again on lc! She hopes you have a wonderful life and wishes she knew you irl, cause you’re really outstanding!

To add to your profile, enter {{Omi'sFriendBadge|nickname=*enter nickname*}} onto your profile!

Cress's Friend!

Hello, dearest humanoid. Greetings! This badge is a thank you from MagicDaydreamer. If you have this badge, know that I love you! You've won my gift of friendship. And I want you to know that you're amazing, loyal, and fun(ny) in the best combination. Even though my name is Cress, you've given me the amazing nickname of *nickname of choice*.It's crazy we've known each other our whole lives It doesn't matter whether you've known me for days, weeks, or months, but that you've been there with me during that time. We have at least a couple inside jokes that always make me laugh. Our messages may be comprised of solely "XD"s sometimes, and the weeknights I spend chatting with you instead of doing homework are TOTALLY worth it. You may be just as (in)sane as me, or maybe be gifted with a little more sanity - both are awesome and both are okay. You can count on me to help you with absolutely anything - I promise I'll try my best to help - and in return I'll occasionally ask for your help or kind words as well. You've supported me and anyone who needs it no matter what regardless of their sexuality/gender/ethnicity/beliefs/abilities/religion/opinions/social standing, because you know that everyone is valid, everyone is real, and everyone deserves to be seen. You're a true friend, something that's hard to find and lucky to have. :)

Please only use this with permission from Cress (please note that this applies to copying source code as well). Once you have received it, type {{CressFriend|nickname=*nickname of choice*}} into the source code of your profile! If you need additional help, don't hesitate to ask.

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If Eva has given you this badge, then you have been someone kind, loyal, supportive, silly, positive, and an overall great friend. Thank you so much for being her friend throughout her journey and being a kind member of the community. You're someone she can depend on and considers amazing! She appreciates you and is giving this to you as a show of thank you.

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👑Eve's Friend👑
By having this badge you're a spelltaculer freind! You know how weird she is, and don't mind! You call Eve, *nickname*! You prububly only knew me online for a few days. You make her smile, and laugh. She is happy to call you a friend!
If Eve gives this to you add it by typing in {{EveFriend|nickname=*nickname*}}to the source code! YAY you're my friend!
~ Trista's Friend! ~

Hi! By giving you this badge, Trista thinks you are awesome, cool, has given you a nickname probably, and wants to be your friend! If you agree with her on the subject of autocorrect, she'll probably send this to you as soon as she can! Bob is in her CoNTROL and he is loyal only to her! (Sorry that was random heh heh,). We might also have a few inside jokes like How She Is Lemon's Answering Machine lol.

Also if u agree about unicorns! And puppies! And Sophitz! (But if you ship Sokeefe that's fine too!)

Anyways, Hi!!!! We all love kotlc if I send this to you!!!

(Also I love Beloved by Jordan Feliz)

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