Coding Credits

tysm to tvop for being so nice and giving me this!

And u deserve a present! So here's a badge that is filled with Liv!

And the Circle of Liv

and Liv:


Tyyyyy for being so awesome!

This is a present from Blaze/TVOP to thine

badhat besties/baddies

if you have this badge on your profile, then you are a certified baddie! you are a proud cat, music listener, reader, and crazy person. congrats! us baddies stick together and have each other's backs. we believe in kindness, cats, boba tea, and grape jooce.

the baddies are lizzie, zara, sierra, skylar, maddie, sam, ember, pastel, gracie, kyla, prattles, fin, rose, DH, gears, khadejah, leah, and floof

only put this badge on your profile if you are a baddie using the source code {{baddie}}
coding credits

zara is kween
zara is the swaggy kween of arendelle and overall wonderful person. if you have this badge on your profile, then you stan her :D
if you think zara is queen, put {{QueenZara}} into the source code
coding credits
Yerie's Aesthetic.jpg
If you have this badge then you are a part of the swaggy six! We are cool, music loving, funny, aesthetic swaggy people.

The swaggy six are

Coding Credits
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