aka Lucille

  • I was born on June 14
  • My occupation is Wannabe Author
  • I am Female

Intro Edit

Hi! My name is Lucille, and I am completely obsessed with KOTLC! Shannon Messenger is my favorite author by far, and I hope she visits Kentucky sometime soon (Hey! Hey Shannon! Ya see me back here? No? Okay...). Anyway, I read a very small portion of the first book in 2016, but then I started reading other books and forgot about it. But I'd already bought Exile in case I liked it, so I saw it in late 2017 and got #1 in the library. Now I am an official KOTLC nerd! But I was already a nerd anyway, so.... Yeah.

Enjoy the show (Yeah, I'm just ruining this, aren't I?)!

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