Hello! You could call me Lemons, and nice to meet you!

Yes, I have another account. It's StarsInTheSky814. Here's a link.

About Me:

In general, I'm just a pretty big weirdo and spam all my friends with memes, but if ya wanna know a bit more . . .

  • I live in Cali. That's all you'll know.
  • I'm a middle schooler. It's terrible.
  • Love dogs. Whenever I see one, I gasp and stare at it until it goes away. Ask one of my friends for more info.
  • I am terrible at any physical things, but we don't talk about the fact that I'm a black belt in Taekwondo.
  • Love books. A lot. Right now, I'm waiting really badly for A Ballad of Songbirds and SnakesOne True King (With the preorder gift!)Unlocked, and a bunch more. I literally walk to all my classes reading a book.
  • I hate math. Sorry to all the math lovers out there!
  • I'm pretty new to coding, so any help is appreciated!
  • I love lemons and any other sour stuff
  • I play flute in band.
  • I stan BTS. Nothing will ever change my mind
  • I love KPop

Lemons' Friend!

If you have this badge, that means that you've won Lemons' friendship! She considers you to be funny, helpful, kind, and an amazing person! You've probably Roleplayed together, talked, or just did some other random stuff that wasn't mentioned above. She wants to tell you thanks for being amazing and special!

Don't use this badge without Lemons' permission. To put it onto your profile, type {{LemonsFriend}} into the source code.

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Lemons' Best Friend!

If you have this badge . . . Congratulations! Lemons considers you to be one of her best friends! She probably thinks that you're even more amazing than her irl friends! You guys have probably chatted about tiny things, helped her with coding, obsessed over some random book series, or something else! She hopes that you will accept her as a friend as well!

Don't use this badge without Lemons' permission. To put it onto your profile, type {{LemonsBestFriend}} into the source code.

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Charm's Friend!!

If you were given this badge it means you have won the friendship and respect of Charm or whatever you call her. She likes you and has probably been in at least one roleplay with you. She is ridiculously happy you've met her, and you're probably sick of hearing all of her real life problems. Or her imaginary problems because there are a few of those as well. She also wants you to stay exactly the way you are because to her, you're perfect.

To put this on your profile, type CharmFriend in the source code.

Zoe's Friend!

By having this badge on your profile, you've won Bookperson876's friendship! This means that she considers you an amazing friend! You've known her for some time, and you've connected tons over the years internet. I believe that you're a great friend and an amazing person . I'm honoured to have met you and thank you for being such a great friend! Thank you for being so supportive and amazing! I will always be by your side. Be a duck always :)

P.S - I'm very strange

You're only allowed to add this to your profile with permission from Zoe, but to do it, type {{Zoe's Friend|nickname=*insert your nickname for me here*}} if you have a nickname for her, or {{Zoe's Friend}} if you do not, into the source code! Ask her for more details, if you need.


Kit-kat's Friend!
If you have been given this badge, you are a very dear friend of Kit-Kat's. You probably just met her today, or maybe you've been chatting for a long time. Kit-Kat really appreciates you and all of her friends! Thank you for all your support!
To put this on your profile, put {{Kit-kat'sFriend}}


If you have received this, it means that Evelina considers you an amazing friend. And when she says amazing, she means that you have been with her through so much. She really does value your friendship (probably more than her irl friendships), and she just wants to thank you. You're funny and a great person to talk to. You've sat through some crazy live chats, ranted about characters, obsessed over some kind of food, made some inside jokes that no one else would ever understand, or even talked about something a bit more serious. Evelina really wants you to know that she appreciates you.

To put this onto your profile, type {{EvelinaFriend}} into the source code.
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You won over Ellie's friendship!She either role played with you, talked about kotlc or had lots of laughs.She Thinks You're a very nice person and she knows how much this would me to you. She went from not knowing you at all to Saying You're her friend. *GIVES MENTAL HUGGGGG*. Look at this badge as a token of her appreciation for being there for Ellie.Thank you for always being there.She might've meet you through roleplaying or talking.Maybe even through correcting people's grammar.Anyways just thank you.All she can think now is that she's proud to call you a friend.
-The Anonymous Asteroid(Ellie)

To put this onto your profile, type {{Fitzphie's Bff}} into the source code.

My bessssttttttt friend!

If you have this, It means that Ellie really fond of you!
She probably thinks your funny, kind and a really nice person!
She thinks you are the best friend anyone could ask for.
She appreciates you sooo much.
She gives this to you for always being there for her!

No matter what comes in the way she will always support you if you ever make a decision.
{{Fitzphie's best friend}}

❀ Maura's Friend! ❀

By having this badge on your profile, you have gained the friendship of KotlcMoonlark33445! She considers you an awesome person, probably better than most people she knows in real life. You have likely roleplayed with her, talked with her, or helped her out throughout her time on the wiki. No matter what it is, she is glad to have met you, and although she has only known you for a little while through the internet, she considers you an amazing friend!

Don't use this badge without Maura's permission. To put it onto your profile, type {{MauraFriend}} into the source code.


You hath received this badge for the best reasons. Reason one: I've known you forever. And I forgot to give you this. Oops. Forgivsies? Reason two: I just met you and you seem super cool, and I wanted to give you a badge just to let you know I know you exist. Reason three: Our OCs are in love. That one isn't to common, so yay for you. Anyway, Thanks for being a cool/fun/crazy/funny friend. *HIGH FIVES*

Do not use this without Fluffy's permission. To put this onto your profile, type {{TK12Friend}}into the source code.

🙌🏻 Charlotte's Friend 🙌🏻

If you received this, Cbqy125/Charlotte considers you a friend! Thank you for roleplaying with her and or helping her with her problems on this wiki! Congrats! You deserve this badge!

To put this on your profile, put {{CharlotteFriend}} into the source code.

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Isabella’s friend!

If this badge is on your profile, Isabella thinks that you’re awesome and amazing, and she values your friendship! You have probably shared some strange jokes with each other, have likely roleplayed with each other, and you obviously know about her obsession with KPop! Even if none of these things apply to you, she still considers you as a wonderful and kind friend :)

Please only put this badge on your profile if you have received permission from LoveSokeefeForever. If you have, put {{IsabellaFriend}} into the source code.

🐈‍⬛Jules' Friend!🐈‍⬛
You. Are. Jules' Friend. Click. To. See. The. Message.
Hello Friend/Stalker! If you receive this, you are Jules' Friend. You might love to code and/or love to read. Just know that she is here for you if you ever need to just talk. You might be a stalker and she really loves her stalkers because they are friendly nice and supportive. She might also not know you very well, but she knows that you are an amazing person. You are a wonderful person who has been really kind, helpful, fun, and overall awesome! Thanks so much for being there to answer questions and talking about books! You might have helped her with coding, talked, or even share the love of trying to save the planet. She really appreciates you, and if you need anything at all, don't hesitate to reach out to her. Just know that you matter and don't let anyone tell you differently.
Type {{JulesFriend}} to put on your profile.Hope you have a wonderful day, smile and keep your head up. You are on earth right now because you have meaning, live to your truest self, you have self-worth and don't let anyone tell you otherwise because you matter!

Jules' Best Friend

Congratulations! You have been gifted the honor to be called one of Jules' Best Friends. You are an amazing person. There are some of those rare friends that just are always there to talk to when I'm bored or having a bad day, you are one of those friends. I really enjoy talking to you about books, sharing the same love of writing, reading, sharing and laughing at funny stories. You have been there for me, and you are a wonderful friend. Thanks so much.

To put this on your profile, put {{Jules' Best Friend}}into the source code.

Jules Appreciates You!

You are amazing! You are a very close friend of mine, and I greatly appreciate you. You are there whenever I am sad and whenever I am having a bad day. You make me smile,laugh,and overall just make my day better. When the world is all falling apart, our friendship is the thing that will never fall apart. You are a wonderful person. Everyone on this wiki and probably in real life look up to your smiling face every day. I greatly appreciate you, and you are special. Never forget, I am here like I am here for you. During the roughest times, I will try to be here whenever you need someone: to talk to, to laugh with, to share your fanfic/stories, or to share some codes. I am here like you are there for me.

Thank you! Just know, Jules Appreciates YOU!

Your friend, Julesandherbooks(Jules)

To put this on your profile, put {{Jules Appreciates You}}into the source code.


By having this badge , you now have the friendship of Nav! Now you are amazing wiki friends. If she gives you this badge, she will talk to you, talk with you about Keeper, or anything else! All in all, she just wants to thank you and want's to be your friend!!

To put it onto your profile, type {{NavFriend}} into the source code.

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Kayla's Friend!

If you have received this badge, MarellaRedek977/Marella/Kayla thinks you are a great person and a good friend! She is very grateful to you for being worthy of this badge. You probably have let her rant, had a simple conversation or an XD war, or just have been there for her. Congratulations and thanks for being her friend!

Please do not use this badge without permission from Kayla. To put this badge onto your profile, type {{Kayla'sFriend}}into the source code.



ElvenCorgi123 considers you a friend! You've probably roleplayed, and humored her when it comes to pop culture references, mainly Star Wars and Supernatural ones. You've probably made her smile or laugh, and she considers you a friend.

For friends of ElvenCorgi123. To apply to your page, write {{CorgiFriend}} in the source code. Please do not use without permission.




Ruby’s Friend
If you have this badge, you are Ruby’s Friend! You have always been a kind and awesome friend! You have maybe met her on LC, roleplay, or said hi. either way, she’s glad you’re her friend!
To put this on your profile, put {{Kotlcgirl'sFriend}}into the source code.

Alla's Online Friend!

You have received a friend badge from Alla! You have either been one of the first people she "talked" to, she has read a fanfiction from you, or she thinks you are a good friend!

Don't use this badge without Alla's permission. To put it onto your profile, type {{Alla'sOnlineFriend}} into the source code.

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✧ Starpetal's Friend! ✧

If you've received this badge, that means Starpetal considers you a great friend! You've probably roleplayed with her, sent a crazy message to her at two in the morning, or just made her feel good! She's lucky to have a friend like you, and hopes you'll accept her friendship!

To put this onto your profile, type {{StarpetalFriend}} into the source code.

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Starpetal's Best Friend!

If you've received this badge, thank you. This means you've been kind, funny, day-brightening, and everything in between. Starpetal considers you a best friend. An amazing one, for that matter. You've supported her, helped her, and generally been a great friend of hers. She wants you to know that she'll help and support you in any way she can, no matter the circumstance. She cares about you, and is incredibly grateful for everything you’ve done for her. She really thinks you are an amazing person to have as her friend. She'll always remember and value your friendship in a special place in her heart.

Please DO NOT use this without permission from Starpetal. To add this to your profile, type {{StarpetalBestFriend}} into the source code.

Cupcake's Awesome Friend!

You have gotten Cupcake's friend badge, yeah good for you!!!! You have probably impressed her with your radiant glow that she can see from her computer. You guys have probably had a pretty fun time. Thanks for being friends with her, I know she can be so overwhelmingly awesome sometimes. Just kidding!

Don't use this badge without Cupcake's permission. To put it onto your profile, type {{Cupcake'sAwesomeFriend}} into the source code.

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Zoey's friend!


Hello! if you are receiveing this badge, it means Zoey considers you her awesome friend! You may have talked to her for hours or you may have just said hello. Zoey wishes for you to have a great life, because you are an awesome person, and you just rule!

Type {{ZoeyFriend}} for it to be seen!
original coding credits: Gildie and new coding credits: Vika

Kitty's Friend!
If you have this badge, Kitty considers you a great friend! You've probably talked to her, and know how crazy she is, starting with the sleepless nights. She thanks you for being a good friend!

Add this to your profile using {{Kitty'sFriend!}} only when given to you by Snowfur ta Murcat/Kitty

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Amber's Friend!

If you have obtained this badge, Amber considers you a friend! You've talked to each other and enjoy each other's time over the years on the internet! She thinks you're a nice person and can't wait to get to know you more!

If you have received this badge and you want to put it on your profile, put {{Amber'sFriend}} in the source of visual code!

Coding Credits

Tam Song Color.jpg
My favorite character is
Tam Song!

Linh Song Color.jpg
My favorite character is
Linh Song!

Dex Dizznee Colour.jpg
My favorite character is

Screenshot 2018-09-26 at 1.25.46 PM.png
I support Fitz and will always defend him against attacks.
People deal with negative feelings in different ways. Just because he's angry doesn't mean he's a terrible person and struggling with anger is not his fault.
Keefe Sencen Color.jpg
I support Keefe and will always defend him against attacks.
He thought joining the Neverseen was the right thing to do. Just because someone is wrong doesn't mean they deserve less than others or that they aren't good enough. He was going through a tough time and should be cut some slack.


Join us...

The Neverseen. You'd think we're all jerks who want to kill everyone, but that's just propaganda spread by Sophie Foster, the Black Swan and the Council.

Oh, you don't believe us? Then how about you join us? Simply message Miss Gisela to join us! Note: Under no circumstances will people be allowed to join the Neverseen and works undercover for the Black Swan. If a Black Swan member joins us solely to report on our activities to the Black Swan, not only will they be banned and this badge removed from their profile, but the Neverseen reserves the right to brutally torture them.

NOTE: Our founder, Gisela Sencen, is no longer active. If you want to join the rebellion, please message the new owner, Alex, instead.


To make a template:

1. Click the button that says "Add page". It's in the top right hand corner!

2. Put Template:your template name (Template:JulesFriend)

4. Then, it gives you a scroll box, click "non-article" it's close to the bottom of the scroll box options (second to last one).

5. Then, there is a source code where you can code!

To give this template on how to make a template, put {{MakingTemplates}} into the source code! Coding Credits

The Homework Help Club

If this badge is on your profile, you're apart of the Homework Club! You could be there asking for help on homework, helping others, or procrastinating! Anytime you need help, are bored of your own, or any other homework help, feel free to drop by! Or for talking about school and how much you hate it, you can do that too.

To put this on your profile, type {{HomeworkHelpClub}} into the source code.


My Stalker!

If you have visited Gloria's message wall or profile at least once as of the creation of this badge, or visit her wall or profile periodically, and leave notifs every time an accountless user messages her, put this badge on your profile!

🌏The Asia Club!!!🌏
Maybe you are part Asian, maybe you are just interested in learning about the continent, but you are part of the Asian Club! If you would like to join, then click on this link: 🌏🌏🌏 and comment on the thread!!! Click on the globes to travel to Asia to join this club!


(click on the Hello to watch or to add yourself)

Add this to your profile using {{AsiaClubBadge}}

Annoying Siblings Club! 

Do you have annoying siblings? Do your siblings pester you? Click the button to join! 👧👦


Moonlight song



-SoKeefe is the OTP


A fandom user




1. You are not

Add this to your profile using {{Annoying Siblings Club Badge}}

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The Zodiac Club! 

Zodiac colors.jpg

Welcome! The Zodiac Club is always open to new members! We are a friendly group of people who would love to have you in the club! Click the button to join! ♈♉♊♋♌♍♎♏♐♑♒♓


♈ Aries — March 21 - April 20

♉ Taurus — April 21 - May 21

♊ Gemini — May 22 - June 21

♋ Cancer — June 22 - July 22

♌ Leo — July 23 - August 22

♍ Virgo — August 23 - September 23

♎ Libra — September 24 - October 23

♏ Scorpius — October 24 - November 22

♐ Sagittarius — November 23 - December 21

♑ Capricorn — December 22 - January 20

♒ Aquarius — January 21 - February 19

♓ Pisces — February 20 - March 20

Add this to your profile using {{Zodiac Club Badge}}

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