aka Kyra

  • I live in California
  • My occupation is Middle School and Hoping I'm an Elf
  • I am a Female Teen who Loves to Read!

(If you're looking at my edits, go to my "Contributions" page because the ones on this page are usually waaay behind)

I am a middle-schooler living in California. I really love the Keeper of the Lost Cities series, and I've convinced almost all my friends, plus my sister to read it. So far, we've all loved it and constantly contribute to this website. I've met the most glorious, majestic, and perfect Shannon Messenger, and she signed my Nightfall book! It was a several hour drive, late on a Monday night, and I had school the next day, BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!!! I LOVE YOU SHANNON MESSENGER! <3

Anyways, I got on a bit of a ramble there. I really love the series and I've read it several times. I have all the character's full names memorized, as well as knowing their family members, residences, history... EVERYTHING. I'm a bit addicted...

My profile picture is a cute, pixel-ly Sophie Foster.

Well, I hope this helped you learn more about me and my obsessions. Thank you!

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