aka Keefester4evr

  • I live in USA
  • My occupation is Reader
  • I am A female beauty
  • Bio What do you really need to know, besides the fact that I love Harry Potter and KOTLC. I am also Southern.
    The End.
    Why are you still here?
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About Me Edit

Hi! Here are a few fun facts about me: (OMG THE PICTURE TO THE RIGHT) (thats Keefe)



I WORSHIP Harry Potter

I love country music

I WORSHIP Imagine Dragons

I can be VERY overeager

I am a true romantic

I do/love synchronized swimming (My team is Carolina Synchro)

I play the flute, the piano, and the acoustic guitar

I am a very weird duck

I am very loyal to all my besties and very defensive

My favorite color is royal blue

I am a teenager (warning XD)

I love to read/write stories

I love to draw

I love to design/create clothes

I love to dance

I am straight (I prefer the gents)

I am TAKEN!!! (aka i have a bf)

My close friends on this Fandom Edit

I do not want to exclude anyone, these are just the people I talk to the most. If you would like to be added to this list, please let me know!!!





Look What Dex Did!

Fandom Users- Ashoka, NinjaTeddyBear, and Neveah B



Panakes Pancakes


Nicknames Edit

My nicknames are Megalomania (or just mega), licky, stale bread, MooMoo, Dinky, Bunny, or Keefester. Or you can create your own nickname for me. Just make it appropriate, and kind!

My favorite pagesEdit

  • Sokeefe Petition
  • Team Foster Keefe Fanfic
  • Strange Ducks
  • Bring Back our Dexy Petition
  • Roleplay (open)
  • Petition to Yeet Fitz off a cliff

My favorite characters Edit


  • Sophie
  • Silveny
  • Dex

My favorite booksEdit

  • All KOTLC books
  • Harry Potter
  • Wings of Fire
  • The Girl who Drank the Moon
  • I am Number 4 series
  • Maze Runner series
  • School of Good and Evil series
  • The Books of Elsewhere series
  • Any scary story
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