Hi! I am Kay and I prefer They/them pronouns but I also don't mind any others!

Jack is my older sibling

Loki is my (EX) parent

Another parent is Maddie


Omniromantic neptunic, grey-trixic. I think I figured it out! Now for gender...


Enby/Librafem (Flux/fluid of some sort? Some days enby some days almost girl.)

(Current) Fandoms!


FNAF (lore)

Game Theorists

Many other random books have been read! Just ask, I've read (ALMOST) all of it.

I want a class where they just tell you who in history was gay.


If the crown Fits, Wear it.

-Mr. Boo

My super power is anxiety


Friend of Ace! [edit | edit source]

U stalk Khadejah!

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The worst kind of pain is

When you're smiling

Just to stop

The tears from falling

{{Worst Kind Of Pain}}
Source code:Doggo Mayhem


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Khadejah's Friend!
Congrats! If you have received this badge, Kotlc Addict (Khadejah) considers you her friend! Whether you have helped her, made her laugh, had nice chats with her, listened to her rants, she appreciates you!

She wants you to know that she's really thankful for you and that she's happy she knows you. She is honored to give you this friend badge, and you are forever in her heart. Again she thanks you for being her friend.

To use this badge, type in {{KhadejahFriend}} if you have permission.

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Jack has adopted you
If you have received this badge, it means Jack has adopted you. Obviously. You could be one of their gender-confused siblings. You could just be someone Jack likes. Or you could be something else entirely.You could have stolen this badge.

~suspicious glare~

Either way, welcome to the family!

To use, put {ParentalFigureWithoutActuallyBeingAParent} in the source code, but with two of these thingies { on both sides

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Lady Sophie's Friend!

Hi, if you got this, you're Lady Sophie Elizabeth Foster's friend! You've probably been in one of her challenges, talked to her when she was bored, or read her (annoying) posts sometimes. But anyway, you're her friend, and that's a good thing :)

Use {{Lady Sophie's Friend}}, only if given to you by Lady Sophie!

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Catshroom’s Friend!

Helloooooo, if you have received this badge of honor (and you should wear it proudly) it means that I, Alex (aka Catshroom) have dubbed you my friend! I hope you have a wonderful journey through this great thing we call life.

Ok though seriously your amazing and you should know that:D


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Ice Blue Sophie’s Friend!
If you have received this badge, that means Ice Blue Sophie considers you a friend, whether you coded for her, talked to her, or anything else that is friend-worthy! Remember, you are awesome!
To put this on your profile, type {{IceFriend}}into the source code.
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Regina's Friend!

Hi, you are now friends with Regina (KiwiReg)! If you were given this, maybe she saw you somewhere and think you're cool, or that you liked the same series or hobbies as her.Whatever the reason is, she is glad to be your friend and hope that you are happy too.

She likes KotLC, chess, table tennis, and anything else that might interest her.

Have a wonderful life and keep going! :)

~Regina (KiwiReg)

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Biana's Fashionista Friend

Hi!!!! If this has been given to you, then Biana considers you her friend and very stylish. You mean oh so very much to her, and she will always treasure your friendship. She wishes that the two of you will be best friends forever!!!!

If Biana has given this to you, and you want it on your wall, then type {{BianaFriend!!!!}} in the source code. Use this only if this has been given to you by Long Live Team Foster Keefe. Thanks!!!!"

Sometimes I just wanna

Run away & see

who actually cares

{{I Just...}}
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"Friends are those rare people who ask how you are and then wait for an answer"

Okay. So let me just get one thing straight, I suck at writing sentimental things. So, here we go. *inhales way too deeply for her own good*. Thanks for putting up with me. Honestly, at this point, there are so many ways you could have met me- from loving BLACKPINK, roleplaying with me, messaging me, just getting to know me, anything. But whatever it was, I'm grateful. For you. So yeah, I know that sucked, just... yeah. Thanks again.


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Love is Love

It's okay to be of a gender or sexual minority. This means that one could identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, pansexual, nonbinary, genderfluid, queer, or infinite other parts of the LGBTQ+ spectrum and you know that it's completely okay. If this is on your profile, you are proud to be either a part of or a supporter of this community! Marriage is about love, not gender, and gender is about identity, not biological sex.

To add this to your profile, type {{LGBTQ+ Supporter}} into the source code!


Glitter Lover!


If you have this badge, you are an official glitter lover! You think that glitter is the best (and I'm pretty sure everyone agrees with you on that).

If you love glitter, add this badge to your page with {{GlitterLover}}

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Khadeja Stan
If you have this badge on your profile it means you stan Khadeja (Kotlc Addict) this pretty much means you stan kind, amazing, and just overall wonderful people.
If you stan Khadeja put {{Khadeja Stan}} in the source code
𝐂𝐨𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐂𝐫𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐭𝐬

Having this badge on your profile/message wall shows that EVERYONE is welcome, regardless of their skin color, race, religion, sexual orientation, political beliefs, etc. This is a safe haven for anyone who needs to talk, rant, laugh, or cry. They will not be discriminated against.
To use this badge, type {{AllAreWelcomeHere}} at the top of your profile! Show your support and make everyone feel welcome!
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Endangered bOiNg bread!

These bOiNg breads were imported from their natural habitat, the Discord Server. We are trying to adapt them to living on message walls, because this species of bread is highly endangered, for it is not one of the top results on google for the search query 'boing bread'. Please help us adapt the bOiNg bread so it does not go extinct. Right now, we have only discovered two bOiNg breads in their natural habitats: one on the Comfy Club server, and one on the Strange Ducks server and many in captivity. We must save the bread!

To spread awareness about this, use {{BoingBread}} to put this on your profile.

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CONFETTI!!!!! You have earned this wonderful confetti! Congrats!

To put this on, type {{Confetti}}

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