What Up Peeps, I'm KOTLC Fanclub (Only one-member ..... yet). And I love Books. Harry Potter, PJO, HOO, KOTLC, Agatha Christie, Famous Five (Old Timer though) just name it and many more at sure to be added. I love all books I've read but KOTLC is ummmm.................. I'm outta words. So yeah, jump on board with KOTLC Fanclub.

My Favourite Ships and Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Aldella, Team Foster Keefe, Fitzphie (all First Place Tiers)
  • Keefiana, Tiana and Oralie
  • Bianex and Gradaline

Fave CHARACTERSS!!!!!!![edit | edit source]

  • Alden, Keefe, Della, Grady
  • Fitz, Tam, Biana and Edaline
  • Kenric (Too sad to talk about), Oralie, Dex
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