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Random stuff about my family.

All of the girls in our family have emotion middle names: Joy, Grace, Hope, Shalom (peace in Hebrew), Faith.

My mom is a young living MLM

I am 50% Mennonite, part Finnish, and 0.something% Métis

I am Homeschooled

Two of my BFFs live at the same bible camp all summer (one’s dad is the director and the other’s mom is the organizer) so I get to go up there and hangout with them :)

I am the 2nd oldest of 5 (boy girl girl girl girl)

My little siblings are beyond crazy (but hey, aren’t everyone’s?)

I share a room with my sister. (we painted it and it has a mountain wall on the back)

I don’t have anything that I am really good at, I just have a bunch of stuff that I am average at


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An order of pancakes is a side dish and can be ordered in addition to a full brunch .gif


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Christian Keepers!

As Christians, we are not only keepers of the Lost cities, but keepers of God’s Spirit as well. no

Pages that I have made:

Sophie's Disneyland Watch

Sophie's Scrapbook

Dire Wolves

Kate Gritmon

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