aka jaiden/jayden! (i dont mind either one)

  • I live in your loveliest nightmare a.k.a. wonderlandia (if you get this, i'm so proud of you!)
  • My occupation is reading + writing fanfiction!!
  • I am genderfluid (i use they/them pronouns)
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aw man the neverseen are back at it again

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hi!! my name is jaiden/jayden (feel free to call me either/both/whatever you want, i dont mind hehe) ♢ i'm an aspiring author and poet! i love astronomy, science-and-math based stuff, researching diseases and illnesses, playing video games, watching television, laughing WAY TOO HARD until snot comes out of my nose, doodling cartoon girls, making calligraphies for my friends, drinking soda straight out of the bottle, eating, and visiting foreign countries. (oh, yeah, and constantly visiting the fandom website.)

here are a list of character names you can use if you're ever stuck:  -ashebelle -misty -melodia -ellia -lavendine -acadia -selly -kat -lies -elianna -mitch -laurel -zara -orly

(feel free to post a message on my wall if you want me to come up with more character names for you! i'm pretty active on here lol) I LOVE KOTLC <33


-I have Chromesthesia (a form of Synesthesia where you are able to hear colors) and can taste certain words as well as music.




(yikes, the heading is really bold. anyone thinks it has the neon-color effect on you?) hi there! among with other things, these are some of the series i've read throughout the years (no particular order):

-Harry Potter 

-Keeper of the Lost Cities

-Red Queen

-The Hunger Games

-The Selection

-Percy Jackson (all of them so far!)

-I Am Number Four




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