aka Emmy

  • I live in Pacific Northwest
  • I am Girl with she/her pronouns
  • Bio Heeeeyyy! I'm a homeschooled girl who loves fangirling about Sokeefe and any Marissa Meyer books. I would love to chat anytime!
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Hello everybody! I'm so excited for 8.5: Unlocked! Who's with me?

My favorite pagesEdit

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My favorite booksEdit

  • The Lunar Chronicles
  • When Dimple met Rishi
  • Anything by Neal Shusterman
  • The Stormlight Archives


Ultimate's Friend!!

Hey there fellow fangirl/boy/non binary!

You have been bestowed the honor of being considered... Ultimate's friend! You call her this:whatever nickname you gave her which is either a nickname, her full name, or Ultimate/Shadow (the two nicknames she created)! If you get this message it means that you have impacted her life in some way, in which case... Congrats! She's a pretty unimpressionable person so you should be proud! If you ever need to talk, she'll try to be on to. And if you need something from her (She isn't very techy but she can try) all you have to do is ask! Thank you for being nice to her (or maybe being really mean or something since she always roots for the meanies a little), and she hopes you have a lovely day!

To put this on your profile, type {{UltimateFriend|nickname=whatever nickname you gave her}} in the source code.

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