Hi, I’m Iggy-and-Mallowmelt. Don’t really have a catchy name... or a catchy intro... or a catchy anything.... (i’m actually a super awkward person um okay then)






How’s your day?


Nickname: My user name is kind of long, so if you like, you can call me Iggy! Or any other name really

Favorite color: Blue I think... possibly green? NEVER MIND MY FAVORITE COLOR IS TOWEL NOW (don’t ask)

Personality Type: I’m an ESFP... but I’m more of an ambivert actually.

Favorite animal: DOGS!!!! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! I can watch dog videos for days

Favorite subject in school: Math, even though it’s really hard. The environment in my class is great, so I always have fun in there

  • Keeper of the Lost Cities (obviously)
  • Harry Potter (Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite; that‘s the book before he doesn’t smile anymore/before Voldemort comes along)
  • The Hunger Games. The first book was really good! The ending of the last book was unsettling, but satisfying.
  • Divergent. I think I’m either Dauntless, Candor, or Divergent.
  • The Fault in Our Stars, even though it’s not a series but I like it anyway.
  • Percy Jackson (OF COURSE) I love this series so much and personally, I think that all of the written ships are perfect. *SOLANGELO IS AMAZING!!!!!*
  • Renegades. I love Adrian and Nova a lot! I shippppppppppp it
  • The Lunar Chronicles. My favorite characters there are Cinder, Thorne, and Iko.
  • The Land of Stories. Kind of old but still really good.

  1. I love video games. A LOT. They are a fifth of my life. Especially indie games, because those are some of the most interesting. Change my mind.
  2. I love memes too. They are a fifth of my life and soul. You'll hear me quoting vines and making memes and not posting them on the internet because wow I'm bad at making them.
  3. Art is another fifth of my life. I've never been in art school, never painted anything like Pablo Picasso, but I like to sketch stuff. *looks in sketchbook* *sees hundreds of fanart drawings for Team Foster-Keefe* *backs away slowly* *runs away*
  4. Reading is another fifth of my life. I love love love love love love LOVE reading.
  5. Watching YouTube is the last fifth of my life. It's mindless and entertaining and really bad for you but pssssshh wHO cAreS.
  6. Apparently I'm an Entertainer on the Myers-Briggs MBTI test. At first I was like, "Wait, I'm an extravert?" Idk, I’m an ambivert probably.
  7. Watching movies are also really fun :D.


If you have received this, it means that Evelina considers you an amazing friend. And when she says amazing, she means that you have been with her through so much. She really does value your friendship (probably more than her irl friendships), and she just wants to thank you. You're funny and a great person to talk to. You've sat through some crazy live chats, ranted about characters, obsessed over some kind of food, made some inside jokes that no one else would ever understand, or even talked about something a bit more serious. Evelina really wants you to know that she appreciates you.

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Ahsoka's Friend!
Yay! If you have been given this badge, you have earned Ahsoka's eternal friendship. You probably haven't known her for long, but you became friends quickly. You, no doubt, know that she is ridiculously obsessed with Star Wars, Keefe, and his(Keefe's)/her own hair (the last one isn't as obvious, but...:)) You are funny, kind, and everything else she would want in a friend. She's glad to have you, even if you ship Sophitz, because your ships don't define you, you define your ships (or do you? She doesn't really know...) She's just glad to have you. And even though her name is Ahsoka, you call her The Legendary XD-er! She's glad to have you as a friend.
Do not use this badge without permission from Ahsoka. To use add {{Ahsoka's Friend|nickname=your nickname for Ahsoka}}

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Heck's Friend Badge

If you have this badge on your profile, it means that user Some1New (aka heck/Melissa [or perhaps you know their real name]) considers you their friend! You have talked with them about ships, books, kpop groups, Webtoons, PewDiePie, pets, anything really! It doesn't matter how long you've known them or how many conversations you've had. They know they genuinely enjoy talking with you. And they know they like you, as a being in general. Here's to more friendship! *insert awkward hug from heck themselves uwu*

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Anna's Friend!

If you have this on your profile, congratulations!! You are probably an amazing bookworm like she is, and quite possibly a strange duck. Her real name is Anna, but you call her {{{nickname}}}. She loves your crazy chats and looks forward to them. You probably have inside jokes, like {{{inside joke}}}. She is grateful for all the things you do, like tolerate her long rants about KOTLC and not be annoyed by her constant changing of ships. She hopes you will be wiki friends forever.

Please only use this with permission from Anna. If Anna allows you to use it, type {{AnnaFriend|nickname=*insert nickname here*|inside joke=*insert inside joke here*}} into the source code of your profile! Ask Anna for more help. Coding credit goes to Cali.

KotLC Life Squad!

This badge is for the members of the KotLc Life Roleplay! Members of this awesome roleplay are:

  1. Katnip with Ashlynn and Brandon
  2. Ahsoka with Serenity and Chris
  3. NinjaTeddyBear with Flynn and Ren
  4. The Odd Axolotl with Myka
  5. Iggy-and-Mallowmelt with Rhys
  6. Chloe with Evie
  7. Anna with Mari
  8. Cinder Heart with Taron

This roleplay has many inside jokes such as Rhys hiding behind a potted plant and Serenity with a jacket on her face. The roleplay has broken 4 threads so far, and has 3 love triangles, 3 manifests, and 1 death.*gasp!*



Keefe Sencen Color.jpg
I support Keefe and will always defend him against attacks.
He thought joining the Neverseen was the right thing to do. Just because someone is wrong doesn't mean they deserve less than others or that they aren't good enough. He was going through a tough time and should be cut some slack.

eva's friend badge
thank you for being a kind friend. ♡

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The Strange Ducks

Join the Strange Ducks today! All you have to do is message a captain or the forum to request joining, and tell me that you are weird. NO NORMAL PEOPLE ALLOWED!!!! If you are the slightest bit weird, please join! Additionally, please join our wiki!

The Duckish Badge Of Honor


By having this badge on your profile, you are an official duck! If you aren't a certified duckko, you'll immediately be asked to remove it until further notice. We highly encourage every single duck to add this to their duckity duckish profile! It is a badge of honor, being one of us! For to adventure! 'Cause we're on the edge of the duckity duck greatness! Turning humans to ducks! We must be weird! We must be strong! We must be amazing! And most of all, we must all get together and be as one! Be as the duckish society of amazingness!

Rules And Information


1. You must be weird, obviously.

2. You have to message a captain or the forum to join, and we'll put you on here! (our previous forums: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29)

3. You must have a username/signature

4. You must give a captain an example of how you are weird. This example must have occurred within the past month.

5. In addition to existing as an exceptionally bizarre aquatic bird, you must pledge to be respectful and supportive of all users, and refrain from hostility of any sort.

6. Follow the KotLC Wiki Policies and Guidelines

7. Due to multiple unfortunate events, the limit of <big> tags is 18. Do not, under any circumstances (unless given explicit permission by both Cress and Charlotte, and no one else) exceed this limit.

8. It is strongly recommended that wikians diagnosed with anatidaephobia (noun; the irrational fear that somewhere, a duck or goose is watching you) do not join this club, as members will have many ducks stalking them. However, joining this club may be a way to get over your fear of stalkery waterfowl. Your call.

9. You must be a captain to edit this template or make ducky threads.

10. OPTIONAL: it is suggested for you to put something, doesn't matter if it's small or large, on your profile indicating that you are a part of this, but if you do not have an account, this rule does not apply to you.

You do not have to have an account. You can join without an account, but you have to have something that we can call you. MagicDaydreamer does not have an account, but they calls themself MagicDaydreamer, so they're one of the founders. Welp... now they have an account, but you still don't need an account to join...!


This club was founded by the users Charlotte O CATS KOTLC and MagicDaydreamer. Its approval link can be found [1].

We elect one captain whenever one is needed. Captains are to be as weird as possible, as well as recruit members to our club(/cult). Captains and wiki administrators are the only ones allowed to edit this Strange Ducks badge.



Inspirational duck quote.jpg

  1. Charlotte O CATS KOTLC (Captain, Founder, and Ducky Leader)
  2. Gildie-Everblaze (Captain, Secretary, and Ducky Leader)
  3. FakeMintie (Captain)
  4. SophitzFoster (Captain)
  5. MagicDaydreamer (Captain, Founder, Ducky Leader, and Esteemed Inactive Duck)
  6. Z the Galaxy (Former First Captain and Esteemed Inactive Duck)
  7. MoonCakes64 (Former Second Captain and Esteemed Inactive Duck)
  8. Aspen the leafwing-rainwing-sandwing tribrid (Former Captain and Esteemed Inactive Duck)
  9. Mint-chocolate-mallowmelt (Former Captain and Esteemed Former Duck)
  10. SamSerene68 (Former Captain and Esteemed Inactive Duck)
  11. AwkwardShadowThoughts (Former Captain and Esteemed Inactive Duck)
  12. TheMiraculousKeeper
  13. TeamKitten
  14. Light and Bright
  15. TheMysteriousMissX
  16. MyPersonalityIsBooks
  17. Schwanegesang
  18. Starflight897
  19. Adrenaline of the SkyWings
  20. Roriannatechnopath
  21. TeamFosterKeefeWillAlwaysBeCooler
  22. SophieLunaChase
  23. Obsessive kotlc fangirl
  24. LadyGlitterButt12345
  25. WhisperShade
  26. Eärendil Heir to Rivendell
  27. Bluejayflyingfree
  29. HILOPeoples
  30. Books.And.Fluffy.Friends
  31. DiamondSnow4
  32. MagnisidianSwan
  33. Berlynn-the-hydro-pyro
  34. Sokeefe-kat
  35. Hihihi nia!
  36. Yisroel1
  37. SilvenyAndKeefe
  38. Sophitzmoments
  39. Pommy Pyro
  40. Miuuuz
  41. Hermionegenius
  42. Roxi
  43. Rizi213
  44. LaCoccinelle
  45. SuldreenSong
  46. Aquera the gnome
  47. Chewbacca
  48. Emeraldweapons
  49. Galexia the ARMY
  50. Writing King a.k.a. Young Aspiring Author
  51. CherryRipplepuffs
  52. The Bibliomaniac
  53. Taramilktea
  54. LinhSong142
  55. Lorelei
  56. The Keeper of the lost cities
  57. AnotherCrazedFangirl
  58. Starkflower
  59. Sofia The Odyssey
  60. ElectricElephant
  61. VaristheMesmer
  62. Polyglotanimus
  63. GiselaSencen
  64. Shamrock123
  65. Theblueraven2019
  66. Luna the Telepath
  67. Sadie Flynn
  68. Mallowmelt Girl
  69. InTheSamePlace101
  70. FictionRealm
  71. GracieTheAlicorn
  72. Neveah B.
  73. EndlessStars
  74. Calla's Moonlark
  75. Dafluffcream
  76. Keeper42
  77. JediMoonlarkAvenger
  78. Brightnightofstarlight
  79. Rainbowpastels
  80. Lumenaria
  81. ThatMotherflerkenshipper
  82. Dauntless-Shadow
  84. MoonlarkPikachuTwentyThree (previously LevelFourVanisher)
  85. Moth
  86. Yum of the BookHuggerWings
  87. The Odd Axolotl
  88. TeamFosterVackerKeefe
  89. HardcoreSoNeutral
  90. PattyTheMutantTrollBaby
  91. Linh Wynns
  92. NinjaTeddyBear
  93. LordKeefeHunkyhairSencen
  94. MissSophieElizabethFoster
  95. Pre-evil-Fintan
  96. ~kristinetheshade~
  97. AbsterCarrot
  98. CocoZeTurtle
  99. Because We’re Cognates
  100. FlamePants
  101. The Queen of Fangirls
  102. Valkyre512b
  103. FitzphieBattleship
  104. Keeperforlife
  105. Coookie
  106. Icedoverlove
  107. LunaLovegood397
  108. Stars1 night
  109. KotlcFan11
  110. BookWormGuy
  111. Venemar
  112. Panakes pancakes
  113. AliensArePotatos
  114. Arahmea
  115. Indigoober
  116. HarpyEagle123
  117. Blueberryripplefluffs11
  118. Trista The Hydrokinetic
  119. IceBlueEyes
  120. Δλάνιψωή
  121. Backyard Windchimes
  122. YourMeowjesty911 a.k.a. RompersNotJumpsuits
  123. Mystarry1613
  124. MissVoltron
  125. Leafpool4life24
  126. Mare Redstar
  127. PearBlossom
  128. Iron maiden is lit
  129. Keeper2310
  130. Bernice Darkcat
  131. Bookperson876
  132. GoldenMoonlight1206
  133. PenguinFeatherShade
  134. Cora the Guster
  135. Natha64
  136. SoKeepherOfTheLostCities
  137. Chicken tornado
  138. Hopefuls
  139. TheBlackSwan48
  140. Diathe13
  141. TeamKeefe12
  142. Chloe
  143. MuffinMonster9090
  144. Loki
  145. TsukiHana25
  146. Julesandherbooks
  147. Hermabeth Foster
  148. MamaGlitterButt
  150. RoKnows
  151. CJDaCookieWLF
  152. dasnowleopard
  153. DarkniteShadow
  154. Char's Annoying Internet Connection That Often Doubles Things
  155. TheCharmingBookworm
  156. Lucat 13
  157. Lady Sassyfur
  158. A sokeefe shipper
  159. Julihorse
  160. KeeperGirl2
  161. Ms.marella redek
  162. I-ship-sophie-and-keefe
  163. Keefecrazy
  164. Moonlark18
  165. GoldenMesmer27
  166. Pisano22
  167. LovelyLadyF
  168. Soon to be Published Author
  169. Cbqy125
  170. Lemons814
  171. Books-are-the-BEST1
  172. Moonlark101
  173. ARainbowEnby
  174. LoveSokeefeForever
  175. CrystalRose12
  176. Kotlcfangirl22
  177. Princess puryfinns
  178. StarsAlign4
  179. Dotty Zebra Danio
  180. Rainbowpie14
  181. BatuuBookworm
  182. AnotherAmazingFangirl
  183. Sofiathesencen
  184. TheRealBianaVacker
  185. ArcaneNightWing
  186. PurpleLittleElephant
  187. SalemSays


The Duck Daily

~~Ducking for ducks since the moment we first ducked out of the sky~~

A ducky newspaper

WE ARE THE STRANGE DUCKS add more plsssssssssss also i'm testing some stuff

Rules On Writing Articles[edit source]

  1. You must be a duck
  2. You must contact a captain
  3. You must have your article approved by said captain
  4. You must give said captain a rundown of what the article to be about
  5. You must remember that your article may be taken down even if approved (for various reasons)
  6. You must follow the rest of the duck rules

Article Format:

<div style="text-align: left">

=== Article Name With Proper Capitalization ===

Article data here

<small><center>Article by [[User:yourusernamehere|<font color=#61835B>yournamehere</font>]]</center></small>



These extremely bizarre ducks are a very large family living in a marshy area of the Lost Cities Keeper forum--The Swamp of Clubs. They've been stampeding and hurting anyone in sight, but they've recently proved their worth as PHOTOSHOP LIE DETECTORS!!! Recently, their leaders have been given a seat on the UN! Will these ducks take over the world?

Ducks trapped within fire--your daily comic

Stay Tuned.jpg

A Flashback to When Duck Society Was Young

As I'm currently writing this, the Strange Ducks has around 60 members. Wow! I'm honestly surprised and happy at how far the Ducks have come! I joined wiki in late December, and discovered the Strange Ducks through comments on the LGBTQ+ Keeper page. At the time, MagicDaydreamer didn't have an account, and I was worried she wouldn't see my message if I left it on her FANDOM User wall, so I asked Charlotte instead. Since then, I've been so happy and excited to see MagicDaydreamer get an account, people join the strange ducks, and being the first captain.

While the Strange Ducks is mostly for fun, I've made everlasting friendships through it. I can finally connect with people like me, and who accept me for being me! I can rant about things that I do, and why I'm such a weirdo, and everyone accepts me for who I am.

Thank you for everyone who joined the strange ducks! I can safely say it's been a wonderful experience, and I hope that if you read this and you aren't already a duck, you should totally be one!

Written by Z the Galaxy, one of the first members of the ducks and first captain.

Join the Strange Ducks

As I write this, the Strange Ducks have nearly 100 members. I can't wait until duck society has enough members to form a ducky city. Cress and Charlotte have announced the recruiting of more Strange Duckies. If you are qualified to recruit more duckies, I wish you all luck. The Strange Ducks have come a long way since they were started. We have 96 members so far. We only need four more. Good Luck Strange Ducks!! Hey, that rhymed!

Written by Mai, 82nd member of the Strange Ducks

✯To add this onto a page, simply type {{StrangeDucks}} into the source code✯

Peri’s Friend

If you obtain this badge, {{{Peri}}} has acknowledged your friendship and that you’re a supposed kind and great individual of the human race. Or an alien. That works too. But overall, my deepest gratitude for your companionship.

{{PeriFriend|Peri=your nickname here}} If you do not have a nickname, simply put Peri in the nickname slot.


Coding Credits

NinjaTeddyBear's Friend

If you have gotten this friend badge, it is probably because NinjaTeddyBear has had around one or more conversations with you. She thinks you're a really cool person and is glad to know you. Whether you ship Sokeefe or Sofitz, she wants you to know that you are awesome person and that you can talk to her anytime.

Please do not use this without permission from NinjaTeddyBear. To use this badge use this code: {{NinjaTeddyBear friend}}

Late Night Thought Quotes Lover

This user loves LNTQs, a.k.a. Late Night Thought Quotes. They've most likely submitted some of their own to be posted and enjoy looking at other users'!

  1. What if Superman was a flying squirrel?
  2. Sweet potatoes are just like cats. They are warm and furry.
  3. When you close your eyes and sleep, are you seeing what a world with no color (including white) would look like?
  4. Albert Einstein could be a complete idiot, and all our science could be WRONG. THERE IS NO GRAVITY I’M FLOATING IS SPACE!
  5. So, a banana is kind of like ice cream? Like, soft and has a chocolate coating but it's not chocolate.
  6. If people were potatoes would people still eat potatoes?
  7. WHAT IS DEJA VU? Is it a memory from another lifetime?
  8. When you pour water on the ground outside you’re technically recycling it because it will a) it will evaporate and rain back down, or b) the grass will take it to drink.
  9. If Cinderella’s shoe fit perfectly, why did it fall off?
  10. Why do I like to eat spicy things if I regret it afterward?
  11. If an alligator ate a human and then someone at the alligator would you feel bad because that alligator ate a human and there's a possibility you are too?
  12. Are you your own sister/sibling? Cuz your sister/sibling is your parents' daughter/child...
  13. If there was a living creature with no eyes and no way to interpret any optical information whatsoever, how would they live their life? Humans rely on their sense of sight so much -- you don't really realize exactly how much until you consider that...
  14. If a time machine were to be invented in the future, and nobody showed up at the Time Traveler Tea Party, wouldn't that mean the time machine would only be able to go back until the time it was created? And besides, wouldn't that logically be the only way a time machine would ever work in the first place if you think about it?
  15. What if I see one color a certain way, but another person sees that exact same color a completely different way while still being able to distinguish that color? It wouldn't be weird for the person, because that's just the way they see life -- would they even be able to tell that their vision is different? Or would they just go through life thinking everyone sees color the same way as they do?
  16. If you were to manufacture a completely, 100% genetically engineered cow, and then you were to let it breed for several generations, and you didn't feed any of the genetically engineered cows hormones or let them eat grass with pesticides or anything, would the milk from the most recent generation still be considered "organic" despite the fact that it's technically completely man-made?
  17. If you look into a mirror, aren't you technically looking at yourself back in time?
  18. If the world is round, why aren't our shoes curved to match the shape?
  19. Are people in other time zones in the past? Like, if it's 1 am here and 12 am there are they in the past?
  20. What if everyone else is secretly a pig?
  21. Shouldn't 'one' be pronounced '1' instead of 'one'?
  22. If cameras take photos, then do they have photographic memories?
  23. What if we die when we fall asleep and our bodies start working again the moment we wake up but we're secretly stuck a long cycle of death instead of sleeping?
  24. Do pets think people are their pets?
  25. Life is a death sandwich.
  26. Shut up brain I'm trying to sleep
  27. If atoms are solely cause-effect, doesn’t that mean everything is predetermined?
  28. Every girl fictional or non really pretty, but I'm just pretty gay.
  29. What if our whole lives and everything we live in is an illusion? like what if everything is just generated by our senses and just not actually there?
  30. If you say a word over and over again, It doesn't make any sense, so we're just talking gibberish all the time.
  31. Why do I always procrastinate until 10 at night, realize I have homework, realize I have a huge project that’s worth 60% of my grade for the semester and I haven’t even started on it, start panicking, and then tell myself: I’ll do it tomorrow. Why?
  32. Maybe I could apply to be president when I'm older.
  33. Tests and assessments are more testing the teachers' teaching skills than the students' memory.
  34. The back button, when you're on Google, makes no sense, because it's undoing what you just did, so if you press the back button twice, it would undo itself.
  35. If Sunday's named after the sun and Saturday's named after Saturn, why isn't Friday called Jupiterday? Is Thursday actually called Asteroidbeltday? Is Wednesday called Earthday? Is Tuesday called Venusday? Is Monday really called Marsday?
  36. Are people who speak a different language's thoughts in a different language? Like, if they're Korean, when they think, will it be in Korean?
  37. So, what would happen when you died? Would you just be floating around? Would you still feel how you died? Help me.
  38. Do you have to start several fires to be considered a pyromaniac?
  39. Why does it taste like chicken if Elves don't actually eat chicken? Do they have chickens? There hasn't been on mentioned and there would be no use of it and a lot of chickens in the Lost Cities. But they were horrified when Sophie mentioned eating it.
  40. Can elves have siblings 100 years older than them?
  41. Life would be better if we were all balloons.
  42. Falling asleep is like pulling a blanket of dreams above your head until it sinks in your brain, then waking up is like someone ripping the blanket off your head and little pieces are stuck in it.
  43. Your name is just a socially acceptable grunt.
  44. What if one of the elves ate meat, liked it, then realized what it was.
  45. I was just sitting there, not doing anything, when it hit me. Snakes are so freaking awesome. They hunt prey, they kill silently and swiftly, they’re smart. They climb freaking trees and buildings without any limbs!
  46. If you chopped off your leg and melded it to your hand and attacked someone with the limb thing, would it be kicking or hitting?

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Make sure to message Char, Anna, or Gildie to have your Late Night Thought Quote added to this series!

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