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  • I live in The Sotam page
  • My occupation is R E A D I N G
  • I am A Sotam child ;)
  • Bio Hello! Not sure exactly what to put here, but I'm Mia, ships Sotam, she/her, fangirl, straight, completely respects lgbtq+, reader, writer, doodler, obsessed with chibi for some reason.
    That's about it... Bye!
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My favorite pagesEdit

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My favorite charactersEdit

Tam Song Color
My favorite character is
Tam Song!

  • Tam
  • Linh
  • Keefe

My favorite booksEdit

  • Lodestar
  • Neverseen
  • Flashback

Wikis I'm in that don't appear at the topEdit

Gahyeon's Friend
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an awesome person and Gahyeon is glad to consider you her friend.

For this to appear, type{{Gahyeon's Friend}} into the source code or wherever you need it.

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Tiana's Friend

Yay, congrats, Tiana thinks you as a friend! You probably got to know her from her obsession with tam, or she stalks you hehe. Thanks for being amazing! (to those who are still here even though she went inactive last year, thanks for still being here 🤍)

To put it on your profile, put {{Biana&TamFriend}} on da source code

and thank you bright and light for helping me with da code🤍

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Thank You!

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If you are someone I haven’t met, please come and talk to me here! I love talking and making new friends! I am also a mentor! If you are looking for a mentor apply here!

About Me!

I Miss MissVoltron, am a very busy person! Besides from this wiki I play softball, basketball, ride horses, And I enjoy making Gacha Life videos. If you don’t know what a Gacha Life video is come ask me! Another thing about me (it might be a dead giveaway), but I love reading! I try to come on the wiki as much as I can, and during the school year I am on electronics more often, so I’m more active. During the summer I’m usually less active.

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