Fantasy Dragon 13

aka Sundew the LeafWing, SNUDOO

  • I live in Pantala
  • My occupation is writing fan fictions
  • I am female
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Hi, I'm a Keeper of Lost Cities and WoF fan. I'm working towards reading all of the books in the series.

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This user was born within the days April 20th and May 21st and given the astrological sign/zodiac of the Taurus. Their symbol is the bull.

Dungeon photo

You broke the rules and now there's no going back. You're now stuck in the dreaded

Catherine's Dungeon

A venue of torture, mundane nonfiction books, and more, this immense steel box is run by the harsh and strict Catherine and the evil Cricket as her faithful slave. It is located in the void so that it is unfindable by all but those who are cast into it. There is no escape.

Next time, think before you break my rules. But you're lucky. There is no "next time".


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You've earned SophitzFoster's badge of friendship! Thank you for being my friend. May your life be filled with alicorns, your mouth be filled with mallowmelt, and your heart be filled with joy.

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Cress's Friend!

Hello, dearest humanoid. Greetings! This badge is a thank you from MagicDaydreamer. If you have this badge, know that I love you! You've won my gift of friendship. And I want you to know that you're amazing, loyal, and fun(ny) in the best combination. It's crazy we've known each other our whole lives It doesn't matter whether you've known me for days, weeks, or months, but that you've been there with me during that time. We have at least a couple inside jokes that always make me laugh. Our messages may be comprised of solely "XD"s sometimes, and the weeknights I spend chatting with you instead of doing homework are TOTALLY worth it. You may be just as (in)sane as me, or maybe be gifted with a little more sanity - both are awesome and both are okay. You can count on me to help you with absolutely anything - I promise I'll try my best to help - and in return I'll occasionally ask for your help or kind words as well. You've supported me and anyone who needs it no matter what regardless of their sexuality/gender/ethnicity/beliefs/abilities/religion/opinions/social standing, because you know that everyone is valid, everyone is real, and everyone deserves to be seen. You're a true friend, something that's hard to find and lucky to have. :)

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I'm part of the Resistance!

We are brave rebels fighting to escape Cath's Dungeon! Using our colorful, unrealistic lightsabers we've found in a dungeon cave, together we can fight our way to freedom!

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