aka THE GOLDEN DINGO(ANetflixOriginalSeries)

  • I live in Canadaria, the Fifth-dimensional Form of Northernmost America.
  • I was born on February 25
  • My occupation is Sokeefe Lab Technician, Data Analyst, Foster-Keefe Technical Writer, etc.
  • I am a betr spelr den yu!
  • Bio Five years ago, I was five years younger.
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A ListEdit

(This is a long list so if you don't like long lists I would not recommend it)

  1. My name is *GASP* Ethan. No way! What a SM-worthy twist!
  2. I ship Keefoster.
  3. I like lots of books and movies (mostly fantasy tho), including [but not limited to]:

-Harry Potter--Read 10 times. *Pauses.* *Frowns.* No, Ted, I do have a life. That's not an appropriate question for this scenario! *Turns to audience* You know, I have to wear a tiny intercom in my ear, and it's pretty annoying when the host asks you random questions about "having a life", among other things. HA, Ted youve been ESPOSED

-Percy Jackson

-Heroes of Olympus

-Chronicles of Narnia

-Keeper of the Lost Cities

-The Hunger Games

-The Rule of Thre3 (It's not a very well-known series, but it's REALLY good--about a neighborhood in a post-apocalyptic world)



-Michael Vey

-Marvel movies--This is a generally FAQ, so I'll just say it here. My favorite MCU characters are (in order) Luis, Iron Man, Spider Man, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and Thanos

-Star Wars

-Ranger's Apprentice

-Brotherband Chronicles

-Royal Ranger

4. I really, REALLY like orange chicken. I don't know, that just sounded necessary.

5. I like reading and writing, but I tend to start writing stories but never finish them...

6. I play soccer but don't like watching sports.

7. I get REALLY impatient waiting for the next KOTLC books.

8. I play three instruments--the violin, piano, and kazoo.

9. I love robotics and am in my school's robotics team.

10. Finally, but first priority/importance-wise (the list just kinda happened that way), I'm a Christian. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Obsessive Analysis Club Edit

This club is open to anyone whether you're Sophitz or Sokeefe. If you love making arguments and/or overly analyze things, you can join! Contact me or SuldreenSong to join.


  • EthanDaCryokinetic (me, co-founder)
  • SuldreenSong (co-founder, club-name-maker)
  • TheMiraculousKeeper
  • CCowTheHydrokinetic
  • BookBeliefs
  • SamSerene
  • Z-FunWithBooks
  • Charlotte O Cats KOTLC
  • BlackSwanSRM
  • SilentSongbird
  • Bib-li-o-ma-ni-ac
  • Sokeefe-kat
  • TheCyanWolf

Favorite pagesEdit

  • Keefe and Sophie
  • Keefe Sencen
  • Sophie and Fitz (To see what the opposing argument is and then disprove it in the Keefoster page Mwah ha haaa)
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Another Section Edit

Ha ha, Ted.

Ted (over auditorium speakers): Curses! Foiled again!





Stegoland WikiEdit

Anyone want to learn about the Stegaria Union? The Santa's Elves cultists? The linking bridge to Canadaria? The truth of Lewis and Clark's Expedition? The evolution of the Stegos? Haven't heard of it? Of course not. They don't teach it in school. If you want to visit the wiki, go to NOTE: This wiki is still under construction.

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