Emma Draws

aka Emma (obviously) or star shredded dreams

  • I live in Like I'll tell you
  • I was born on August 5
  • My occupation is Unemployed that's why I'm here
  • I am A cookie
  • Bio Struggling Fanartist, Christian, Pepsi addict, and I have way too many fandoms to remember so just know if there's a webcomic/book I'm a fan of it!
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🎨Art Competition!!🎨

Come join our art competition! We hold a contest once a month and this month’s topic/theme is An original character doing something you would do and you may interpret it as you wish. Each contestant may submit one art piece. Be sure that all the art pieces submitted are APPROPRIATE and NO overly mature content or you will be automatically disqualified. You have the rest of the month to complete the submission and it must be a new piece made this month. The due date will be December 2, 2019 .





If you would like to be a judge in the future, message either CherryRipplepuffs or WhisperShade

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✧Previous Competition Winners✧

1.Chicken Tornado

2. Iggy

3. Emma Draws

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=My favorite pages

  • the silver eye
  • Favorite page #2
  • Favorite page #3

My favorite characters

  • Sokeefe cause they are one!
  • Favorite character #2
  • Favorite character #3

My favorite books

  • The Giver (great book I recommend it)
  • Keeper of the Lost cities Neverseen
  • Harry Potter and the prisoner of askaban
  • ECHO
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