Opinions on Kotlc

I'm a Sokeefe shipper, but I do respect all other ships. I like comparing ships and maybe debating about them and talking about flaws is fine, but I do not like ship bashing or character bashing. My favorite thing about kotlc is its many mysteries, mostly figuring out Neverseen secrets, or secrets about the Elves history. I absolutely love theories and fanfics. Fanart is super cool to see too! Keefe is my favorite character because he is such an interesting, fun and inspiring character. My favorite book in the series is Legacy. I love talking to all of you here and I'd love to get to know you!

My Art 

if you want to check out some Fanart I've made then... click here!


Things I like

  • art
  • reading (mostly SciFi)
  • Movies
  • making theories and reading them.
  • debating
  • talking and hanging out with friends
  • making funny videos
  • going on the fandom!
  • dancing
  • science
  • Memes/funny stuff
  • Fanfics/fanart!

My favorite characters

  • Keefe!

Keefe Sencen Color.jpg
I support Keefe and will always defend him against attacks.
He thought joining the Neverseen was the right thing to do. Just because someone is wrong doesn't mean they deserve less than others or that they aren't good enough. He was going through a tough time and should be cut some slack.
  • Adrien/Cat noir (from miraculous)


 books I've read

  • Let the sky fall
  • Keeper of the lost cities
  • Renegades
  • Fablehaven
  • Lunar Chronicles
  • Story Thieves
  • (currently reading) The Hobbit
  • Five Kingdoms
  • land lots more books

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1.Chicken Tornado

2. Iggy

3. Emma Draws

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Late Night Thought Quotes Lover

This user loves LNTQs, a.k.a. Late Night Thought Quotes. They've most likely submitted some of their own to be posted and enjoy looking at other users'!

  1. What if Superman was a flying squirrel?
  2. Sweet potatoes are just like cats. They are warm and furry.
  3. When you close your eyes and sleep, are you seeing what a world with no color (including white) would look like?
  4. Albert Einstein could be a complete idiot, and all our science could be WRONG. THERE IS NO GRAVITY I’M FLOATING IS SPACE!
  5. So, a banana is kind of like ice cream? Like, soft and has a chocolate coating but it's not chocolate.
  6. If people were potatoes would people still eat potatoes?
  7. WHAT IS DEJA VU? Is it a memory from another lifetime?
  8. When you pour water on the ground outside you’re technically recycling it because it will a) it will evaporate and rain back down, or b) the grass will take it to drink.
  9. If Cinderella’s shoe fit perfectly, why did it fall off?
  10. Why do I like to eat spicy things if I regret it afterward?
  11. If an alligator ate a human and then someone at the alligator would you feel bad because that alligator ate a human and there's a possibility you are too?
  12. Are you your own sister/sibling? Cuz your sister/sibling is your parents' daughter/child...
  13. If there was a living creature with no eyes and no way to interpret any optical information whatsoever, how would they live their life? Humans rely on their sense of sight so much -- you don't really realize exactly how much until you consider that...
  14. If a time machine were to be invented in the future, and nobody showed up at the Time Traveler Tea Party, wouldn't that mean the time machine would only be able to go back until the time it was created? And besides, wouldn't that logically be the only way a time machine would ever work in the first place if you think about it?
  15. What if I see one color a certain way, but another person sees that exact same color a completely different way while still being able to distinguish that color? It wouldn't be weird for the person, because that's just the way they see life -- would they even be able to tell that their vision is different? Or would they just go through life thinking everyone sees color the same way as they do?
  16. If you were to manufacture a completely, 100% genetically engineered cow, and then you were to let it breed for several generations, and you didn't feed any of the genetically engineered cows hormones or let them eat grass with pesticides or anything, would the milk from the most recent generation still be considered "organic" despite the fact that it's technically completely man-made?
  17. If you look into a mirror, aren't you technically looking at yourself back in time?
  18. If the world is round, why aren't our shoes curved to match the shape?
  19. Are people in other time zones in the past? Like, if it's 1 am here and 12 am there are they in the past?
  20. What if everyone else is secretly a pig?
  21. Shouldn't 'one' be pronounced '1' instead of 'one'?
  22. If cameras take photos, then do they have photographic memories?
  23. What if we die when we fall asleep and our bodies start working again the moment we wake up but we're secretly stuck a long cycle of death instead of sleeping?
  24. Do pets think people are their pets?
  25. Life is a death sandwich.
  26. Shut up brain I'm trying to sleep
  27. If atoms are solely cause-effect, doesn’t that mean everything is predetermined?
  28. Every girl fictional or non really pretty, but I'm just pretty gay.
  29. What if our whole lives and everything we live in is an illusion? like what if everything is just generated by our senses and just not actually there?
  30. If you say a word over and over again, It doesn't make any sense, so we're just talking gibberish all the time.
  31. Why do I always procrastinate until 10 at night, realize I have homework, realize I have a huge project that’s worth 60% of my grade for the semester and I haven’t even started on it, start panicking, and then tell myself: I’ll do it tomorrow. Why?
  32. Maybe I could apply to be president when I'm older.
  33. Tests and assessments are more testing the teachers' teaching skills than the students' memory.
  34. The back button, when you're on Google, makes no sense, because it's undoing what you just did, so if you press the back button twice, it would undo itself.
  35. If Sunday's named after the sun and Saturday's named after Saturn, why isn't Friday called Jupiterday? Is Thursday actually called Asteroidbeltday? Is Wednesday called Earthday? Is Tuesday called Venusday? Is Monday really called Marsday?
  36. Are people who speak a different language's thoughts in a different language? Like, if they're Korean, when they think, will it be in Korean?
  37. So, what would happen when you died? Would you just be floating around? Would you still feel how you died? Help me.
  38. Do you have to start several fires to be considered a pyromaniac?
  39. Why does it taste like chicken if Elves don't actually eat chicken? Do they have chickens? There hasn't been on mentioned and there would be no use of it and a lot of chickens in the Lost Cities. But they were horrified when Sophie mentioned eating it.
  40. Can elves have siblings 100 years older than them?
  41. Life would be better if we were all balloons.
  42. Falling asleep is like pulling a blanket of dreams above your head until it sinks in your brain, then waking up is like someone ripping the blanket off your head and little pieces are stuck in it.
  43. Your name is just a socially acceptable grunt.
  44. What if one of the elves ate meat, liked it, then realized what it was.
  45. I was just sitting there, not doing anything, when it hit me. Snakes are so freaking awesome. They hunt prey, they kill silently and swiftly, they’re smart. They climb freaking trees and buildings without any limbs!
  46. If you chopped off your leg and melded it to your hand and attacked someone with the limb thing, would it be kicking or hitting?

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