Book Series (Just a Few) Ability/Status
PJO/HOO/TOA (Percy Jackson) Child of Athena
KOTLC Vanisher, Telepath, Hydrokinetic
Magnus Chase IDK much about Norse Mythology
Kane Chronicles (How does Rick have so many books?) Magician hehehehe, The Eye of nobody
Lunar Chronicles Non-Evil Lunar
Harry Potter Muggleborn Ravenclaw
Fablehaven/Dragonwatch Shadowcharmer-Fairykind mix, not very powerful
Unwanteds/Unwanted Quest Person on Artime
Divergent Non-Evil Erudite
Hunger Games District 3
Mortal Instruments (On CoLS) IDK, maybe an untalented Shadowhunter?


Welcome to my profile, AKA the pit of books and randomness! HeWwO!!!


I'm part of the Strange Ducks! The Strange Ducks is a group for weird people, so feel free to message a captain to join and express your weirdness! (I'm not a captain, BTW)


I am half alicorn. Wings and horn attached to a human body. DON'T TELL THE GOVERNMENT!!! One of my best friends is a meif'wa, a cat person! Another is half dog. DON'T TELL THE GOVERNMENT!

I am a huge introvert. *Awkward silence* I... don't even know how to socialize...

I'm weird. If you try to outweird me, you can't.

I'm obsessed with books. If you try to outbook me, you can't. Seriously. Ask my nonexistent friends.


Not up to date with current technology, like phones. "What is a filter? Like, someone said 'filter' while looking at a picture of themselves with dog ears and a dog nose!" -Me

I am a Grammar Nazi. I am a Grammar Nazi unless I am feeling very crazy and/or it is needed.

If the fangirl levels (I made these and they are not very exact) are fannewbie, fangirl, fanwarrior, and fancaptain; I am a fancaptain. Also fanwarrior if someone insults my books.

I am dead inside. Hehehehe


As every Keeper of the Lost Cities fan knows, you literally have to ship. My ships (don't kill me!): SOKEEFE!!!!!!!, Tiana, Dexella, and Lylie. IDK. Oh, and also FakeMintan!

I ship Tiana, but I use a different name for it: Bam Socker: B/iana x T/am and So/ng x Va/cker.

Percabeth is the BEST SHIP EVER!!! When they die (Which they won't because then Rick Riordan would have to go into hiding on Mars to escape the flood of angry fangirls knocking down the door), they will turn into the epic god/goddess team of epic ships.

If anyone tries to break apart Percabeth, they have earned themselves the wrath of DiamondSnow4.

Things I randomly say:

I randomly say, "Woot woot!"

I say things like, "Oh my mallowment!" and "Woah, back the T-rex up!"

What I'm currently doing:

Trying to write on Wattpad.

Keeping track of my obsessive countdown until the day Legacy comes out.

Currently trying to get friends to read Harry Potter.

Found this somewhere and am still laughing because it is SO every KOTLC character: Denial gets misspelled to denile, which leads, "GET OUT OF DE NILE, THE EGYPTIANS NEED IT!"

Memorizing random things

Believing in the fact that DEX NEEDS APPRECIATION!

Mourning dead characters

Listening to 'Hamilton in 7 minutes' (I've never watched Hamilton, but the songs are Amazing!

Appearance (Not really because stalkers):


I carry a Harry Potter wand around with me everywhere. I despise when people call it a plastic stick or stuff like that. IT IS AN ELM WOOD AND DRAGON HEARTSTRING CORE WAND!!

I look like Annabeth Chase and Sophie Foster (Kind of)

Close Acquaintances:

Basically everyone on here who can tolerate my presence XD

True friends are those who you can obsess about books to them all day and they don't think you're crazy. Or they respect that you're crazy. Either way.


"If you two don't mind, I'm going to bed, before either of you comes up with another clever idea to get us killed, or worse... expelled." -Hermione Granger.

"Happiness can be found in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light" - Dumbledore

“Yes, it is always good to have insignificant mortals on your side XD” - Digi (Me)

“Insignificant mortals might be good, but insignificant sentences aren’t” - Digi

“The theme is: ‘Bread Conquers All’” - Bread (My friend)

“It’s always good to have humans on your side” - Bread

“I’m shook as a book” - Bread



I don't mind extroverts, just as long as they don't ask me to socialize or ask me why I'm so quiet


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