Confetti dragon

  • I live in In the library (practically)
  • I was born on June 25
  • My occupation is Reader, artist, imaginer, Protestant Reformed Christian
  • I am Female

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==My favorite pages

~ Trista's Friend! ~

Hi! By giving you this badge, Trista thinks you are awesome, cool, has given you a nickname probably, and wants to be your friend! If you agree with her on the subject of autocorrect, she'll probably send this to you as soon as she can! Bob is in her CoNTROL and he is loyal only to her! (Sorry that was random heh heh,). We might also have a few inside jokes like How She Is Lemon's Answering Machine lol.

Also if u agree about unicorns! And puppies! And Sophitz! (But if you ship Sokeefe that's fine too!)

Anyways, Hi!!!! We all love kotlc if I send this to you!!!

(Also I love Beloved by Jordan Feliz)

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