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S O K E E F E I S M Y L I F E.

Sophitz Armada

Join the SophitzArmada :) (SoKeefe shippers allowed) (The main list is on CustardBursts/Eva profile)

The rules for the Armada are-

1. You have to not hate SoKeefe or Sophitz

2. You have to have read all the books

3. You have to have an account

4. You have to ask a captain to let you in (aka SunshineAnnie (semi-active), KaitlynTheElf17 (inactive), CustardBursts (inactive?), ReadItAll (inactive) or Me (inactive)

pEoPLe i'Ve MEt

idea inspired by SunshineAnnie

I think everyone is beautiful and kind and amazing, and that shouldn't be determined by a "list."

Ships (not in order from greatest to least)

  2. Biana and Dex
  3. Tam and Marella
  4. Silveny and Greyfell
  5. Sandor and Grizel
  6. Kenric and Oralie
  7. Marella and Linh <33
  8. i want bronte to have a love *cries*

Favourite Characters

  1. Keefe
  2. Ro
  3. Sophie
  4. Bronte
  5. Linh
  6. Tam
  7. Sandor
  8. Marella
  9. Silveny
  10. Lord Cassius
  11. Wylie
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