aka Ella Kate

  • I live in The Lost Cities
  • I was born on May 18
  • My occupation is writer
  • I am female


Hello my name is Blueberryripplefluffes, but you can call me Blueberry Edit

Here are some things you need to know about me: Edit

  • Keefe is my favorite character
  • I love writing/ reading
  • Im a Gryffindoor
  • Im a volleyball player, and my position is middle blocker
  • Im REALLY tall for my age
  • I also play basketbal, and my position is a post
  • I am 100% an extrovert
  • I play the piano and the ukulele
  • KOTLC and Harry Potter are my favorite book series
  • My favorite movie is: the new Aladdin/ the first Thor

My Ships: Edit

  • Sophie + Keefe
  • Tam + Biana
  • Dex + Marella
  • Lihn + While
  • Fitz + some new girl or a Councillor


Therioes: Edit

  • Alden is going to be a spy for the Neverseen, because the Neverseen always know what the Blackswan are going tho do
  • were never going to figure out who Sophies biological parents are, because it could “ Topple the Elvin world”
  • Sophie and Fitz are going to figure out that there not perfect for each othe, so Sokeefe happens

My favorite book series: Edit

  • Harry Potter
  • Land of Stories
  • Warrior Cats
  • Unwanteds
  • Penderwicks
== I hope you have enjoyed gettin to meet me! ==
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