• I live in Lost Cities
  • I was born on May 18
  • My occupation is Reader/ writer
  • I am Female

Hello my name is Blueberryripplefluffes, but you can call me Blueberry or Ella Kate!

Here are some things you need to know about me:

  • Keefe is my FAVORITE character
  • I love writing/reading
  • I'm a Gryffindoor
  • I'm a volleyball player, and my position is middle blocker
  • I'm REALLY tall for my age
  • Final-Keefe-Portrait
    I also play Basketball, and my position is a post
  • I'm 100% an extrovert
  • I play the Piano and the ukulele
  • KOTLC and Harry Potter are my favorite book series
  • My favorite movie is: the new Aladdin / the first Thor
  • My favorite KOTLC book is Lodestar

My ships:

  • Sophie + Keefe (I ship them very strongly)
  • Tam + Biana
  • Dex + Marella
  • Lihn + Wylie
  • Fitz + Juliana, or Fitz becomes a councillor


  • Alden is going to be a spy for the Neverseen, because the Never seen always know what the Black Swan are going to do
  • Were never going to figure out Sophie's biological parents, because it could "Topple the Elvin world"
  • Fitz is going to become a councillor, so Keefe gets Sophie!!!

My favorite book series:

  • 9780545162074 p0 v2 s550x406
    Harry Potter
  • Land of Stories
  • Warrior Cats
  • Unwanteds
  • Penderwicks


🖌️Art Club!!🎨

This badge is for those who are in the Artist Club and who like to make and celebrate art. We enjoy all types of art whether it be drawing, painting, sketching, stippling, coloring, digital or just art in general. We also hold an Art Contest once a month with a different topic each time. Feel free to participate! Click on the tabs for more information. To add this, put {{ArtistClub}} in the source code of your profile!

Current Members:

Art Contest Information

🎨Art Competition!!🎨

Come join our art competition! We hold a contest once a month and this month’s topic/theme is An original character doing something you would do and you may interpret it as you wish. Each contestant may submit one art piece. Be sure that all the art pieces submitted are APPROPRIATE and NO overly mature content or you will be automatically disqualified. You have the rest of the month to complete the submission and it must be a new piece made this month. The due date will be December 2, 2019 .





If you would like to be a judge in the future, message either CherryRipplepuffs or WhisperShade

✧Guest Judge✧


Note:Guests Judges are chosen users that are outside of the club.

✧Previous Competition Winners✧

1.Chicken Tornado

2. Iggy

3. Emma Draws

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