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Bernice DarkcatEdit

  • Bernice Darkcat is a FANDOM user who has a love for cats and pigs alike. In all the roleplays she has joined so far, her character has been a Charger . According to a message on user GiselaSencen‘s wall, she is a Charger herself. She was involved in the Vandalism Battle.

The name “Bernice“ means ‘bringer of victory’, while ‘Darkcat’ is completely made up.

My favorite charactersEdit

  • #1: Calla (or her tree?) She was one of the most involved characters in book 4, and afterward is used for some very emotional moments.
  • #2: Vespera. She’s.. very strange. And I LOVE ppl who are extremely mysterious
  • #3: Sophie. I mean, how could the main character in the series NOT be on this list!?

My favorite booksEdit

  • Neverseen
  • Favorite book #2
  • Favorite book #3
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