aka AwesomeCoder, IStillHopeForSophex

  • I live in The United States. You don't need to know any more than that.
  • My occupation is I mean, I have a book in the works for S and S. People under 18 can be authors too! I like to code, write, and geek out.
  • I am Male. I AM A FANBOY!

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Dipper Pines

Captions are fun. WHEEEEEEEE!!!!


You're reading my profile.


Do you want a cookie?


You want to hear my story?

Well, okay then, here it goes:

(Starts to sing, everybody runs away screaming)

To the tune of "Dreidel, Dreidel" (Or really anything you want)

Well, hello there random strangers

That seem to looking at me

Let me tell you my story

of memes and misery

I had a raspberry pi

And I lurked in the forums yonder,

experimenting with it because I can

then eventually

throwing it at a man

then I got a calculator

A Ti 84 Plus CE

Then I haunted the cemetech forums

biting anyone who came near me

(to the tune of "Frosty the snowman")

but then I saw the light

the holy grail you see

when I walked into barnes and noble

and found my complacency

Keeper of the lost cities!

Is a very addicting thing

It makes me rant and rant

and ship sophex

until I die of my computer screen.

There, how did you like it?

(Crowd is silent)

(KermTheMartian from cemetech)

Run for your lives everybody! He's crazy! He thought he could emulate a ARM board on a ez80!

(Crowd looks at him confused)


(the crowd evacuates)

Okay, that was uncalled for.

Why are you still here?

Wasn't my terrible singing enough?


Now, by nobody's request, a F. A. Q.

The Author on The Author

The author interviewing himself

(inspired by Pseudonymous on Pseudonymous)

A = author

I = interviewer(also author)

I: How did you get into KOTLC?

A: Listen to my song, you imbecile

I: Is it true that you have had multiple restraining orders put on you by Simon and Schuster?

A: I shall neither confirm nor deny that.

I: Are you a boy or a girl?

A: Why do you want to know that?

I: Because.

A: Very convincing argument. Fine! I am a boy.

I: Okay, how old are you?

A: I'm-


Coppa: Hold up! No revealing personal information online!

A: Thank Iggy.

I: Back, Back to the wasteland of youtube, you vile demon!

(Coppa hisses and crawls back to youtube)

I: Hold on, did you say thank Iggy?

A: Yes.

I: You just came up with that right now, didn't you?

A: I shall neither confirm nor deny that I came up with the copyrighted by me saying of Thank Iggy!.

I: You have got to be kidding me.

A: Not even a little.

I: Do you have any writing experience?

A: I have written a couple short stories and I have a science fiction novel in the works. I'm hoping to get it published by Simon and Schuster.

I: Wait, you're an actual author?

A: You do realize what you're referring to me by, right?

I: Good point.


I: Why did you just randomly scream?

A: Because this was dangerously close to actually being informal and boring.

I: (Sighs)

A: (Eats mallowmelt through nose)

House: Gryffindor/Ravenclaw (I've gotten both an equal amount of times)

Patronus: Black and White Cat

Wand: Alder wood with a unicorn hair core, 10 " and surprisingly swishy flexibility

Godly Parent: Athena/Hephaestus (I've gotten both an equal amount of times)

Now time for content that isn't from my fanfic profile!

I write fanfiction! Check my stories(and frankly my better profile) at here.

I am a:

1. Coder

2. Gravity Falls Nerd

3. Sophex Shipper

4. Theorist

5. Boy

5. Author(I don't only write fanfiction! I have a sci-fi novel in the works for simon and schuster)

6. Cemetech Nerd

7. Basically I'm a huge nerd. 

8. Possibly some sort of wombat?

9. Why are you still reading this?

10. I'm a multishipper as well.



This {{Multishipping}} badge shows that you're a multishipper of KotLC characters or other people or robots who you know.

Kotlc characters

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Possession of this badge indicates your love of writing fanfiction! Whether it's imagining your own version of the story, publishing short stories for your ships, writing alternate endings, or otherwise, fanfiction is for you.

To add this to your profile, type {{Fanfic!}} into the source code!


I ship


I ship


I ship


I ship


Dex Dizznee Colour
My favorite character is


I ship


I ship



The Council has decided to put all the humans in Antarctica, due to their harmful acts toward the environment. But the Black Swan is against it and they are making alliances with the humans. But now, humans are facing a big crisis. The situation has become harder and the governments have to make difficult decisions.

But, then one leader put all the decisions aside to make a statement.

A statement that shook the Elvin Council and gave strength, courage, and hope to the humans.

That leader was the president of the US, Donald Trump.

And he said:


If you are part of this RP and you wish to put this badge on you profile, enter this source code: {{HumansForTheWin}}

Coding Credits

This is the bottom!

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If you have this badge, you are awesome! This means you either like to talk about and code for/on calculators on the cemetech forums, or you just hover around, reading posts but never posting anything. Probably both. You might know C, ICE, ScriptCE, BOS, and probably TI-BASIC. If you're seeing this on someone's profile, which is probably the case, check out It's pretty cool there.

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