aka Apple

  • I live in Nowhere important
  • I was born on July 10
  • My occupation is Grammar Freak
  • I am Female

My name is Applebaby12, or just Apple

The history of my username is mildly interesting: my sister created a World of Warcraft character using the name, merging her favorite fruit- apple- with her favorite animal again the time- bushbaby. She basically gave me the character when I was in probably 3rd grade and from then on I used it for every account

I'm a huge bookworm and tend to be pretty picky when it comes to grammar. I love writing, reading and roleplaying, and definitely plan to improve my writing skills over time

I'm a HUGE Dexina (Dex and Stina) shipper and am writing a fanfiction based on the ship:

I love small animals (specifically rats, hamsters and mice) and am a big, big advocate for proper care for these animals (Down with Tiny Tales!) I also believe in adopting over shopping and have three girl mice named Scarlett, Autumn and Yvonne!

I attend high school and as such won't be on all the time but I try to be active since I love this wiki and book series!

My favorite characters (in no particular order)

Tam Song

Alvar Vacker

Stina Heks

Dex Dizznee

Wylie Endal

Biana Vacker

Amy Foster

Councillor Bronte

Councillor Kenric 





My favorite pages (in no particular order)Edit

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