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Unicorns are horses with horns, and are some of the rarest animals alive in the Elvin world. There are only 185 currently known to be alive, as shown in Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities when Dex gives Sophie a Unicorn Prattles Pin.


Unicorns are mythical horses, and have a horn on their forehead— which, according to legend, can produce magic. Their coloring was mentioned in Book 3: Everblaze— they have black manes and tails, and silver bodies.


  • The Heks family is especially known for generations of unicorn breeding and care.
  • Unicorns are level 8 in the Elite Levels' mascot.
  • Fitz once watched a unicorn being born, as mentioned in Neverseen.
  • There is only one pair of unicorns at the Sanctuary; the rest live at Sterling Gables.

Note: Not to be confused with Alicorns.

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