Umber is a Shade, and keeps her appearance concealed with the Neverseen cloak. She is described to be a more powerful Shade than Tam Song. She is one of Wylie Endal's abductors.

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  • How does Umber look

    5 messages
    • wrote: I think umber is a black haired, pale skin, and colablt blue eyes. She would have black specks in her irises and her h...
    • i imagine her a little bit like Belatrix from harry potter
  • Who is Umber

    82 messages
    • Cooliokotlc wrote:i think she was lying.....she may have been trying to recrute tam to the neverseen, or maybe even just searching for someone...
    • I bet that Umber is Glimmers mom, because shades and flashers are really simmilar and their both really powerful. 
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