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Located in Eternalia, Tribunal Hall is a tall domed building in which tribunals are held. It is described to be taller than the average building in the area and more serious-looking than its surroundings. It appears to sparkle less than most structures despite appearing to be constructed of giant emeralds. If a tribunal is in session, then a blue banner will be raised. In most cases, the proceedings there are open to the public.

The interior of the building is spacious. Each of the twelve councillors has a throne in the hall with their names engraved in them. Facing the Councillors is an elevated platform in which the accused sit. A narrow silver staircase leads up to the platform. It is uncertain if there is always a defendant, though it is known that Alden was seated next to Sophie. Behind the platform is an area where people related to the tribunal sit, and even further back hosts a large seating space for observers.

Known Councillors' Thrones[]

It is sapphire-encrusted.

It is peridot-encrusted.

It has a heart-shaped back and comfortable cushions with pink tourmaline.

It is a plain silver throne dotted with onyx.

It is made of polished wood and encrusted with large pieces of Amber.

It has animal designs carved into her throne.

It is ruby-encrusted.

Known Tribunals Held Here[]

Taking place before Keeper of the Lost Cites, Prentice was tried for being suspected of being a member of the Black SwanAlden testified against him. Prentice was found guilty and a memory break was performed by Alden and Quinlin Sonden. This memory break would later make Alden's mind break because of his guilt.

Sophie unwittingly and illegally bottled Quintessence from Elementine. The Black Swan, through Sir Astin, gave her a star map in The Universe that leads her to bottle it. The attendees were GradyEdalineDex, Sir AstinDame Alina, and Elwin, along with Sophie and the Councillors. The tribunal was closed due to anything involving Quintessence being kept secret. Sophie was declared innocent.

Sophie bottled Everblaze to prove that the Neverseen had been setting fires in the human world. It was public. She had committed five major transgressions and eleven minor transgressions, a new record. Her punishment, however, was marked as "already served" because of her kidnapping. Next, it was discussed whether she would remain at Foxfire. Her mentors stepped in and passed her, except Lady Galvin, her alchemy mentor. It was decided she would take Inflicting with Councillor Bronte instead. Finally, she made the choice of staying with Grady and Edaline instead of being adopted by the Vackers.

When Sophie first visited the Lost Cities, there was a Tribunal in progress.

After being captured in Nightfall, a tribunal was held to determine the amount of time he would be spending in prison. The known attendees were: The councillors, the Vacker family, Sophie, Keefe, Ro, and Sandor. It was later revealed that since having no knowledge of his past and sensing potential, Alvar will be given a chance to redeem himself and will be living in an apartment on the grounds of Everglen for six months while being closely monitored.


“Wow. Do the jewels in their crowns seriously match their thrones?”

Ro, in Flashback

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