Tomples are described by Dex as, "a cross between a hedgehog, a kitten, and a really big cockroach."

Because they eat dust, Tinker keeps them in her workshop to clean the machinery. Though Sophie is startled by their brown insect legs, Dex finds them adorable animals and wants his dad to get one to keep at Slurps and Burps to clean the shelves. Kesler objects due to the number of volatile potions that could be ingested by the tomple.

They are also the animal that represents Dex for Team Valiant. In Legacy, the tomple of Dex's badge is described as, "two tiny eyes stitched onto the round, fluffy silhouette... and... also had six, spindly insect legs hidden under all their fur..."[1]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Tomples weren't just adorable–they were useful. And even though they might look cuddly, they also had six spindly insect legs hidden under all their fur and could cause plenty of chaos.

—Narration in Legacy

Tomples are adorable creatures [As said by Dex] with a round, fluffy silhouette and spindly insect legs hidden under their fur.

References[edit source]

  1. Narration, in Book 8: Legacy, when Sophie sees the rest of Team Valiant after their makeovers (add page citation)
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