Tinker is the Black Swan's technopath. She prefers the title Tinker, and hasn't used her original name in years. She was recruited by Wraith, and hasn't revealed her identity to anyone else. She has a throaty voice and was first introduced in Flashback.

Tinker lives in Widgetmoor by herself, rarely leaving her home and refusing to allow goblins to enter. The machine-like mansion is powered by earth, water, and air, but never fire. It only draws energy from sunlight (in very small doses), and is located in a cool, damp place.

Dex says that the house is the coolest place he had ever seen. Sweeping arches, pipes, and ornate columns decorated with spinning cogs form the main building. At the center is a gigantic clock tower with five hands and several symbols, which label 5 contraptions in a neat line on the tower's roof. Mr. Forkle says that Widgetmoor is like stepping into Tinker's brain - it may seem like chaos at first, but everything has a purpose.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Tinker has a particular way of communicating, because she considers questions to be far more valuable than answers, and therefore speaks with questions. Tinker seems to be frightened of fire/heat, weapons, goblins, and explosives, most likely due to past experiences that she'd encountered.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Tinker has curly red hair, piled messily on her head, and she is the tallest elf Sophie has ever seen. A bronze half mask covers the left side of her freckled face, from the top of her forehead to the tip of her pointed chin, leaving her gray-blue left eye exposed. Her right eye is covered by a round eyepiece that mounts along her eyebrow, made of five stacked lenses in varying sizes and colors. A cog covered earpiece curves along the outer edge of her left ear and dangles down, connecting to a gold choker, similar to a registry pendant.

Creations[edit | edit source]

Series[edit | edit source]

In Neverseen, Mr. Forkle mentions that a Technopath rigged his registry pendant so that it can communicate where he wants the council to think he is, this Technopath could have been Tinker. He also mentioned that their best Technopath was the one to discover the secret archive that was hidden in Lumenaria, but wasn't able to breach it, this could also have been Tinker.

In Lodestar, Mr. Forkle references the Black Swan's Technopath, saying that he was taking Keefe's imparter to her to look over since they found a listening device on it. He also mentioned when Sophie, Fitz, Biana and Dex went with him to visit Wylie after he was hurt that their Technopath was scrambling their registry feeds.

In Flashback, Dex and Sophie meet Tinker, with the intention that Dex and Tinker work together. Tinker also gives Sophie, Enhancing Blocker, a technology disguised as fingernails to replace having to wear gloves to help her control her Enhancing. Tinker also gifted Sophie a null disguised as her Ruewen crest pin to block any tracking devices the Neverseen might have given her without her noticing. However, the null affected the controller Dex gave Fitz to monitor his brother, Alvar's movements. The null dampened the controller's signal with the device, so Fitz wasn't able to see Alvar's actions, so he threw the piece of technology on the ground.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

“Aren't some challenges worth it?”

—Tinker, in Flashback

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