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“Sophie sighed, marveling at Timkin's gift to insult her in every possible way while still sounding logical.”

—Narration, in Book 4: Neverseen

“Timkin smiled at that. "I'd wager you think anyone who dares not to like Miss Foster has allied themselves with evil. And truth be told, I still see no value in Project Moonlark. But our world needs change. And while I don't agree with all of the Black Swan's politics, I can agree that they're the best chance we have of surviving. So if that means spending my days pandering to a group of children who will surely never live up to the Black Swan's foolish expectations. . . so be it. I'm hoping to be proven wrong.”

—Timkin Heks to Sophie Foster, in Keeper of the Lost Cities: Neverseen Page 549-550

Timkin Heks is the husband of Vika Heks and the father of Stina Heks. He is a talentless elf who, according to Marella, graduated from Exillium while trying to fake a special ability. It is also said that his actual last name is Logner but he took his wife's name "Heks" because she is a part of the nobility since she developed a special ability. He attempts to use the fact that his family takes care of unicorns to try to take Silveny away from Havenfield. Timkin Heks is very ambitious and likes to call himself better than others. This character trait matches the personalities of his entire family. Though he was banished, he was allowed to finish his last year with his classmates at Foxfire.

The Black Swan

Timkin is revealed to be part of the Black Swan and meets Sophie and her friends as Coiffe. His disguise is a mass of curly hair.


She works with unicorns.

She is Timkin and Vika's daughter.

Sophie and Timkin Heks are not exactly on good terms.

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