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"You're very kind. But we both know I can never match you." - Exile
"You're very kind. But we both know I can never match you." - Exile
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Tiergan is a telepath and Sophie's Mentor at Foxfire. He does not like being called Sir Tiergan, preferring just Tiergan after the mindbreak of Prentice and his resignation from the council. Tiergan adopted Prentice's son Wylie Endal after Prentice was sent to Exile and Wylie's mother, Cyrah, faded away. He doesn't like the Vacker family, but does help them when Alden's mind is broken.


Tiergan has olive skin and light blond hair. He is described as being several inches shorter than Alden.


Telepathy- Tiergan is a very strong telepath which is why he was appointed as mentor for Sophie.


  • WYLIE ENDAL (adoptive son)

Wylie was adopted by Tiergan after both of his parents were lost.

  • PRENTICE ENDAL (friend)

Prentice and Tiergan were very close until Prentice's mind was broken. Tiergan was full of grief and blamed Alden for the incident because Alden was the one who accused Prentice of rebellion.

  • SOPHIE (prodigy)

Tiergan came back from retirement to Foxfire to teach Sophie. He respects her a lot and believes in her abilities, ideas, and ability to make good decisions.

  • ALDEN (disliked but eventually respect)

Tiergan has a lot of anger towards Alden, blaming him for the loss of Prentice. He seems to gain more respect for Alden, however, after he finds Sophie. He also is able to get past his own feelings to help the Vacker family with the grief of the loss of Alden when his mind is broken.

  • THE COUNCIL (disliked)

Tiergan doesn't like the council because they allowed the mindbreak of Prentice.


"You're very kind. But we both know I can never match you." - Exile

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